a mystery? lol


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its not in the faq. so here is my question. so just how do you make one of those sexy psy acid lines?

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I remember seeing some great threads on this a while ago. Try a search using the terms 'acid', '303' or 'bassline'...


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searched. could only find stuff about bass lines. not acid lines. and i mean some really sexy acid lines not bog standard ones. how are they tweaked to make them sexy?


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Purusha said:
'Character' plug-in (if you have a Powercore).


ive heard that does wonders to an acoustic guitar....
the main reason i was interested in powercore in the first place tbh

for sexy acid lines try any 303 emulator (tau, rebirth etc) with a nice analogue distortion plug and judicious eq. the sexiness factor always comes with automation tho, like what has been said in so many threads recently, there is no 'one size fits all' template, the real life and sexiness in a sound is all about expressiveness which can only come from what you do with it.

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Waves X-rate makes things so sexy, they're X-rated! Too bad I can't afford waves, which is why my bass lines are so limp...fnar fnar.