A Nipptastic Hello


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So I finally made it to psy-forum. I have got into psytrance over the last year. I love the enthusiasm, art, colours and vibe of psytrance parties. I have met so many friendly and fun people, most of whom keep mentioning this place so I thought I’d give it a go. I mainly go out in London but have been known to head out into Surrey and Berkshire for a good party. I also love Brighton as I lived there for a while.

I am currently temping and saving money so that I can have a wicked summer at all the festivals (Glasto, Glade and Womad plus some misc.) and out door parties!!! soooooooooooo excited :bananada: . In September I will be moving to Berlin, Which is exciting and a bit scary too!



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helllloooo Nipper :hihug:

I party in london too... but like yourself, i can be found elsewhere too...
may meet you at a party one day! :Smile3:


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big thank you to all the lovely people i met at Gnomblands...what a fab-tastic spangler of a do!

LGP anyone?

Niti x