A Palestinian Joke


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Apologies if you've heard this one before, I started re-reading Palestine by Joe Sacco again and I thought I'd share

Three secret agents were walking along the edge of a forest. One was CIA, one was KGB and one was Shin Bet.

They saw a rabbit running into the trees and they decided to see how fast each of them could capture it.

The CIA man went first and returned with the rabbit in 10 minutes.

So they let the rabbit go again and this time the KGB agent went after it. He returned with the rabbit in just 5 minutes.

The Shin Bet agent wasn't impressed "That's nothing" he said, "Let the rabbit go again"

And so the Shin Bet officer went after the rabbit.

The other two agents waited. Five minutes passed, ten minutes, twenty, forty.

They were a little puzzled by this so they entered the forest to look for their Israeli colleague.

They walked for a long time, going deeper and deeper into the woods. Finally they heard a noise - yelling and screaming.

So they hastily followed the sound to a clearing where they happened upon their Israeli friend holding on to the back of a donkey's head with one hand whilst repeatedly punching the poor creature in the face shouting aggressively "Admit you're the rabbit! admit you're the rabbit!"

bah, I thought it was funny at least :Smile3: