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locus solus
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a track by me, for you to listen to

it's called eye for you (clickclick) and has just been released on a compilation by saag records

unfortunately it was limited to 500 copies so i thought i'd stick a link on ere. :Smile3:

feedback appreciated

huw xx :shrooms:
opia - I'm having problems getting this to run...

the link just takes me to a blank page then... nada! :sob:

would love to check this out, so I hope you can sort out the problems! :juggle:

good luck :Smile3:
B) B) B) B)

a very chilled slab of niceness!

not my normal cup of cha, but more tracks like this, and i could be reformed!

drifting, floating awaaaayyyyyyyy. I've had a few beers now and this seems just about the nicest way imaginable to relax. This is nice stuff - production is superb, and 'fresh' (not in ideas as such, but in sonic quality).

Has got me in the mood to dig out my ambient soho collection, and i can't give higher praise than that! Wtf??? 500 copies??? I only wish this style of music was more popular, it is so worthwhile!

To anyone else - i would broadly catagorise this as dreamscape music - the name speaks for itself to me, but if you need further visualisation, think breaky ambient visions of paradise!

very good work, makes a nice change from out and out psy. Hoping that the CD gets re-issued ALOT!
ahh thanks :Grin:

glad you enjoyed.. i'll have to stick a few more links up :Smile3:

huw xx
the link now works again.. seemed the server went down just after i posted this :Smile3:

would especially like to hear your opinions on hearing this kind of stuff in a chillout room :Smile3: