A Very Damion Christmas


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what in tintern abbey are you talking about?
A Very Damion Christmas - reloaded 2005!!!!


Yes folks A Very Damion Christmas does exactly what it says on the tin. 40 or so minutes of shocking christmas records, comedy take-offs, and the odd actually very-good song about christmas.

This was a smash hit last year, with in excess of two downloads!!! It was also played at Eastleigh Market during their christmas shopping season, by two lovely friends with a market stall selling psytrance situated right opposite KFC and Domino's

Last year there was a charidee involved, and this year i'm going with www.bookaid.org ... as before, the idea is that if you get a kick out of the tunes (and lets face it, who fuckin wouldnt *snorts*) then you bung some cash to them via their donate page or better still, chuck a fiver at their reverse book club, where you buy a bunch of books that then get directly sent overseas to africa and that, where they're needed.

stream or download at:

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*****please consider voting for it on the above URL. I want more points than Talamasca has got for his mix

bom santa-r!!!!


1) Intro - London Acid Christmas
2) Yoko Watanabe - Last Christmas
3) Kevin Bloody Wilson - Santa's Stoned At Christmas
4) Squirrel Nut Zippers - Santa Claus Is Smoking Reefer
5) Barking Dogs & Jingle Cats - We Wish You A Merry Christmas
6) The Carpenters - Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas (Synth Bastard Would So Shag Karen Carpenter Mix)
7) Granville Williams Orchestra - Santa Claus Is Ska-Ing To Town
8) Coca-Cola Advert (Synth Bastard I Object Mix)
9) Cliff Richard - Mistletoe & Wine (Cassette Boy Mashup)
10) Chuck Berry - Merry Christmas Baby
11) Elvis vs. Porky Pig - Blue Christmas (Synth Bastard mashup)
12) Joe Pesci - If It Doesn't Snow For Christmas
13) Jacob Miller & Ray I - I Wish You A Merry Christmas
14) Jacob Miller & Ray I - All I Want For Christmas
15) Roy Chubby Brown - 12 Days Of Christmas (Synth Bastard I Hate Chubby Brown Mix)
16) Pizzicato Five - Silent Night
17) Tenchi Muyo - Jingle Bells
18) Hayseed Dixie - A Christmas Without Weed
19) Peter & The Test Tube Babies - I'm Getting Pissed For Christmas
20) Tweety Pie - I Tawt I Taw Ol' Tanty Claus
21) Chuck Berry - Run Rudolph Run
22) The MacKenzie Brothers - 12 Days Of Christmas
23) Bob Rivers - Walking Round In Women's Underwear
24) Bob Rivers - The Restroom Door Said Gentlemen
25) Horace Andy - Christmas Time
26) Pilate - The Fairy Tale Of New York
27) Closedown
:o you know squirrel nut zippers! i love some of their stuff... swing = :bananada: :punk:
Thats a class mix Damion :lol: downloaded and donated :Wink3:

I'll be playing it lots at tame social gatherings this xmas :Wink3:
I'm on track 13 and absolutely pissing myself laughing ... Damion I LOVE you and if it wasn't biologically impossible would want your babies ...

Who the fuck can I play this to who won't be utterly offended ?

hehe :Smile3:
You're a complete laugh-and-a-half budd-y. We all enjoyed the Neuro-Pop mix last night half-expecting a modest detour into trance - how wrong we were..


Absolutely hilarious. We all gathered around, boxed as you woulde have it, cripplingly tickled pink.

..How we laughed..

I'll be sending them worldwide...

Wowzerz Trouzers ! - The whole family were brought together in jovial jest and utter festive frolic Damion...!



My Mother-in-law laughed herself to tears whilst we did rejoice merrily so..

Oh happy Daze..
Damion, stop it and get a proper job you sick sick boy.

:excessiv: :excessiv: :wo^thy: :wub:

Have a great new year and I don't mean it about stopping it. Hey, I got a bawdy blues CD which you could use if you don't have it.
:lol: Still wetting myself over this one.

Roll on Easter :bananada: