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Inside the Bristle Marshmallow
Fractal Glider - Spherical (unrlsd)
Think Fraccy G meets Protoculture and you've got a driving, psychedelic morning masterpiece.

Wingmakers - Phoenix Rising (Dragonfly)
It's got a groove that carries you along, funnny samples and the mark of Tristan all over it.

Dino Psaras - Rawcus (unrlsd)
A monster of a 303 riff, pumping bassline and a real crowd pleaser of a breakdown.

Legohead - Snoozebutton (Fragile Planet)
One of the freshest and most promsing talents from the land down-under delivers a great night track with an effect that seems to suck the air out of the room

Altom - Not For Children (Neurobiotics)
The stand out track from a great album, still doing the job on the dancefloor. Intense, powerful but still funky.

Rastaliens - Freelancer rmx (unrlsd)
Better than the original imho. trademark rasta groove and lunatic edge

Zen Mechanics - Chasing Spacecraft (Sphere/Ajuca? unrlsd)
another smooth roller that pulls you along from the woutmeister

Unconsious Collective - Flurostani Trancendesence (Flying Rhino)
Oldie but goodie that's floating my boat at the moment... Voice of Cod remix, Colin?

Misted Muppet - Night Wish (Trancelucent)
Everything this guy does turns to gold at the moment, was awesome live in Bristol a few weeks ago... another truly psychedelic beast of a track from him.

Etnica - Trip Tonite [Fractal Glider rmx] (Boom! unrlsd)
it's still in here...Awesome rmx of an unbeatable track, everyone knows the melody but Frac has added some raw aussie power. out on the next boom! compilation soon.

Bonus Track: 1200mics - Mescaline (Synth Bastard edit)
1200mics with Damion Psyreviews in charge of the voice samples. still awful but extremely funny
oooohh yes nice tops, I wonder when the synth bastard edit will hit the shelves?!! :Grin: LOL

Red five said:
...or when someone will hit synthbastard with the shelves....