Ableton Live - Live!


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Hi all,

I'm currently transferring some of my tracks from Logic to Ableton Live with the intention of doing a gig in the next few weeks.

My plan so far is to break the tracks down to basic components, although not too basic as it's my first gig.
so I'm thinking, drums/ bases/ lead sounds/ vocals / incedental sounds
As in I will be recording entire drum kits as 1 to 4 bar loops, as opposed to having seperate tracks for, kicks, hats, snares etc.
Then having various effects set on the aux channels to play around with.
I will also have one or two complete tracks on there in case everything goes horribly wrong, so I'll have a chance to get my head together if I need it.
Can't wait!! (it's an electro gig by the way)
Have any of you lot done live gigs with Ableton?
Got any tips or advice to help me along my way?


..would post more details but im at work with my bossman on my back !!!