absynth patches

thanks saxopholus. yes im trying to work out how to make my own patches on these two but they dont make it easy hehe. i shall peruse that tutorial as well, ta very much :Grin:
..and FM7 can load original DX7 sysex dumps. If you google for 'dx7 patches' you'll find approximately fifty seven squillion :Smile3: Maybe something there will tickle yer fancy
ooh ok Ive only just started using absynth but didnt realise you could bust other patches into it [admiteddly seems fairly obvious now I think about it but Ive only just tinkered with the default stuff that come with it] ... hmm good to know - I should really start reading this section of the forum more frequently !! :Smile3:

you'll not find anything offical from FM7, as they seem to be charging for patch downloads, but there is a nice one over at KVR.

errr... absynth. nicht mal!!! sorry!!! but, the patches from the demo to absynth 1 work, so I'd grab those if I were you. The packagey bit that the presets are stored in ends with the ".glo" prefix.

here is what I've been working on... do scan for viruses first :no:

the best preset is called panner :Wink3: tempo synced demon trumpet slider!
Try www.patcharena.com or join the Yahoo Absynth users group as they have a lot of patches.

Just look around and you can find stuff, I have collected 65Mb of Absynth patches and 45Mb of FM7 sounds.

I don't know if this will fit but here are almost 20,000 FM7 sounds.