Acid full on Track from sudacaArgentinaland :D

ey guys !!

any comments for the track !?!??!

some feedback for the artist ?!!? :S

the pre-intro part reminds me of yahel, sort of. bassline is good - driving & clear. maybe it could do with a bit more low-end punch, but it is onl 128kbps, so not best quality for EQ work.

i really like the tough part @ 2:00... it's early in the morning here so i can't really turn it up i'm afraid :sad: much as i'd like to :Wink3: the melody at 4:00 is nice! evil synth work is all good.

the main break section is cool - the way it kicks in afterwards is good as well. perhaps the synths are a bit loud, but that might be my speakers/volume restriction!

i like the melodic variations throughout.

nice tune!

ey , seuss!

nice review! i agree somethings you said .....

i have to make a lot of tracks .....yet....