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The Have, MA USA
In collaboration with Acidance Records, Zia-Trance is honored to host a preview presentation of some of their recent and upcoming releases as well as a special DJ set by Acidance's label DJ - DJ Mist:

Featuring Dissociactive tracks, Fungis Funk tracks, Neuromotor tracks, and tracks off of the "Dirty South" and "Violent Reaction" compilations.

Acidance Records - Athens, Greece
Presenting the psychedelic dance floors world-wide with some of the best cutting edge full-on psytrance, this recently reincarnated record label is returning back full force. The artists the label represents are uniformly aggressive and sizzling, yet they maintain the spiritual power necessary to convey a message of evolutionary thinking. It's this integrity of purpose that speaks of the label's true passion and dedication for the music. Through representing such renowned artists as Parasense, Neuromotor, Digital Talk, and Xenomorph - Acidance has established itself as one of the best labels out there for psychedelic trance.

DJ Mist - Dallas, TX USA
In his mix, Mist captures the raw energy of the night journey. Its quirky hardness plays into this raw potential of purpose and leads to thrilling avenues of discovery. The tapping of elemental forces has a rejuvenating effect, lifting and cleaning the spirit. With a mastery of the craft, Mist harnesses the essence of the components and pieces them together in a vivid seamless array.

The event airs everyday starting at 2 PM EDT and again for the rewind at 2 AM EDT.
*The "Scheduler" on the main station page converts the times for your time zone.

Airing from 1/23 to 2/6.

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Visit the Acidance website for more info on this excellent record label: