advice wanted for a good cause!


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hey everyone...myself and a few friends have been talking about putting together a monthly low budget newsletter about environmental issues, anti establishment, anti corporations such as coke or nestle and information about the latest bush/ war issues. we want to print a form of alternative media ..stating the things that are usually hidden to the public. basically i would love some of you to post back some advice on how to make a newsletter like this a success and any websites that give good honest info on the topics we want to include.



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you need to sort out - early - who's doing what.

agree on a time schedule, but try to be a bit pessimistic - unless you're blessed with plenty of time, things will inevitably take longer than you imagine.

get a good name / image established. this may sound like corporatist wank, but really it will help people identify with - and therefore 'buy into' - your 'product'. this isn't really the apothesis of what you want; really, you're spreading a message, a mind-virus, and therefore you want it as infectious as possible. this is entirely consistent with a firm anti-corporatist or anti-capitalist stance - just ask the editors of pravda :Wink3:

put out feelers; do one or two smaller-scale test runs. be sure to get the little things right - no font clashes, good quality & clear images if you're using pics, no contrast issues if you're using coloured paper. most important (of the small things) is check the spelling & grammar! obviously this is not the FT - quite the opposite - but an argument made coherently is more powerful (and harder for Them to dismiss) than a rambling misspelt diatribe.

decide on distribution areas, methods and intended users as early as possible :Smile3:

stick with it, if you need any help proofreading stuff let me know. i have done subediting / staffwriting / reporting etc. so i'm happy to help... but i can really only do small things until june/july. if you're after geopolitical / social historical rants, i'd love to contribute some in the future - just far too busy at the moment!

most of all - GOOD LUCK & ENJOY IT!