“PYGMEES GROOVE†compiled by El Didion TurBo TrAnce ReC.


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“PYGMEES GROOVE†compiled by El Didion
Volume 1


Type: Compilation
Style: Psy Trance
Format: Jewel box
Reference: TTrCD015
Bar code: 3760083150111
Release date: 03/2006


Track Listing:
(Clic the Title to listen)

  1. Talamasca - Groovy Pygmee part 1 140 BPM
  2. Inessence - Treasure 143 BPM
  3. Manmademan - And all that (Alternative control remix) 143 BPM
  4. Triptych - Meegos 144 BPM
  5. Tikal - Flow 145 BPM
  6. Intelabeam - Free action 146 BPM
  7. Elec3 - Plugged (Wizzy Noise remix) 142 BPM
  8. Prosper – Electro Grooves 142 BPM
  9. Logic Bomb - Shadow of the beast (Psypilot remix) 142 BPM


As 2006 begins, we at Turbo Trance are proud to announce that we have no less than 5 releases planned before summer.

Following the worldwide success of the Manmademan remix album, which is proving to be the Turbo Trance bestseller, as well as the astonishing explosion caused by the young Israelis, Elec3, with their album 'Plug and Play', Turbo Trance is launching a new and totally original compilation concept.

We have recently formed an association with the famous French clothes company, Pygmees, encompassing the development of their branch, Turbo Trance Wear, and the launch of their 2006 spring/summer collection, already celebrated in many parts of the world. We at Turbo Trance have decided to give El Didion, Pygmees' boss, the responsibility for preparing the first volume of this new series of compilations to be known as 'Pygmees Groove'.
El Didion has first and foremost been, for the last ten years, a famous fashion designer who admits to an addiction to music since childhood. Coming from the jazz scene and having been both a bass player in a band since teen-age and a trance DJ for the past few years, this modest man has a faultless ear and a gift for making it happen on the dancefloor. An esteemed DJ from the Bali scene and promoter of the most magical Indonesian parties, he has decided to take us on his trip and share with us the secret world of his 'Pygmees Groove'. There is quality galore here as some huge names in the trance scene will be included in the long list of stars already collaborating with Turbo Trance records.
Mirroring El Didion's fashion creations, this compilation is full of colours and fun and is totally in tune with the Turbo Trance style: funk and groovy but still psychedelic! A new compilation will be released to coincide with the presentation of each season's presentation of the new Pygmees collection.

To be continued.


Starting this compilation, the French most famous Psy trance artist, Talamasca (3D Vision, Mind Control, TIP World, Spiral Trax) offers us, with this very tribal track, his vision of the Pygmees groove!
Then, the new collaboration project between the two Turbo Trance leaders, Manmademan and Triptych called Inessence propose a new style of music, between deep Techno and hypnotic Trance, more tracks will be released soon and an album will see the light in 2007.
Manmademan again get remixed one of their most uplifting track, “And all thatâ€, by the new stars made in Serbia, Alternative control already signed on Proton records, Agitato, Utopia… and already presenting their new album all over the world.
Following, the unforgettable Turbo leader, Triptych brings us his new funky twisted bomb, without any concession!
Then, the well known French brothers aka Tikal, Neurobiotic main artists and already signed on several labels like Crystal Matrix, Mind control will deliver a very tribal and morning track with a higher production’s quality, one of their biggest hits!
Intelabeam (Hommega records, Spun, Alchemy…) will follow with his isreali groovy style and a tune that will be a hit for sure on all Trance floors.
The Greek gods will honours us! The Elec3’s hit, from their album, “Plug & Playâ€, recently released will get remixed by Wizzy Noise (Spun records, Exposure, Agitato…) themselves and the result is huge for a very full on Morning track!
A new great producer, Prosper, already signed on well established labels like Etnicanet, ZMA and who is preparing his debut album on Exposure will offer us a very Electro track in the great Wizzy Noise way!
To close this really tribal and ethnic journey, coming next from Nordic countries, Logic Bomb biggest hit from 2000, Shadow of the beast, released on Spiral Trax, get remixed by well known Swiss artist, Psypilot, who didn’t release so much these last months but still his high quality level of production!
This is only the first volume of a new Turbo Trance adventure, and you can expect to go deeper and deeper in the Pygmees feelings each next times more!


Turbo Trance records is really careful and aware about promotion and marketing.

Since the beginning, the label created a good press network all over the world and remain on good terms with most of the specialized press but also has good connections with more generalist “Dance Musicâ€.
Pygmees Groove will be reviews in most of the famous Trance magazine.

Some examples:

  • Mushroom Magazine-Germany
  • Revolve Magazine-UK
  • Up front Magazine-UK
  • D Tect magazine-Germany
  • BPM magazine-South Africa
  • Shangri La La magazine-UK
  • Entrance Magazine-Australia
  • Trance It magazine-Mexico
  • TTR Magazine-UK
  • Dance Club magazine-Portugal
  • Laif Magazine-Poland
  • Coda magazine
  • Teck’Yo
  • Lilo magazine
  • Cocazine
  • Nouvelle vague
To name few…

But also « Psy Trance » radios(internet and FM):
  • Couleur 3 (Geneve-Switzerland)
  • Thump radio (San Francisco-USA)
  • Hafirot Radio (Israel)
  • Radio FM (Israel)
  • Pulsar radio (Poitiers France)
  • K2 conscience (Rouen-France)
  • Trance4m.de (Internet-Germany)
  • Psychedelik.com (Internet-France)
  • Netmixradio.com (Internet-USA)
  • Jet Lag (Internet-USA/Canada/UK)

Pygmees groove release info 2006 turbo trance records®

Comming soon...TTrCD016-Accelerator 3.0 compiled by Triptych
Featuring Triptych and Pop Stream, Manmademan, Elec3, Tranan, Mumbo Jumbo, Ecliptic …

Release date: May 2006

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