Africans - not worth enough to save?!


so i spent my evening sobbing my way through hotel rowanda (really ace film) and i find myself once again *sigh* enraged with the corrupt, greedy, selfish society im sorry to say i live in and tbh resigning myself to the inevitability of a third world war.

its 1994 and civil war errupts in rwanda between the hutus and tutsis- men women and children are being slaughtered in the streets... so what do the governments of the world do? watch footage of the hacked up corpses of children on the news, think "god how awful" and go back to eating their supper. well i suppose france do help supply the rebels with machetes :o . granted the UN set up a peace keeping force and the main objective of the association is not to get involved and keep the peace but individual countries with ridiculously vast military resources? hmmm well theres no danger of the conflict ever affecting our country and there isn't really anything we could gain by helping these people (after all they are skint and don't have any natural resources we can pillage) so we'll just watch the genocide and hope they sort it out amongst themselves.... which eventually (sort of) happens at the cost of about a million innocent lives.

meanwhile nine years later- dictatorship and opression in iraq? hiding terrorists? *gulp/quiver* "weapons of mass destruction?" well we better charge to the rescue and save all those poor people- ie. bomb the shit out of their country, kill thousands of them as well as a few of our own military *cough*dickheads*cough*, create chaos and make a bigger mess out of an already messy situation... all so we can steel their oil.

so.... its ace to see the powers of our society have got their priorities straight hey? sleep easy kids

and breath


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in our world an African life is simply not considered as valuable as a Western life.

it's horrific, but it's true...

- how else can you explain the UK's willingness to facilitate the sale of overpriced arms to brutal, debt-ridden regimes?

- how else can you sustain paying some European farmers to leave their fields empty, whilst others are paid huge subsidies to grow basic crops like onions, undercutting economies in africa that genuinely rely on such crops? and then - to add insult to injury - dumping the surplus produce on the local african markets at rock-bottom prices, fucking over the local farmers in their own backyard as well?

- how else can you explain the fact that three million people died in the Democratic Republic of Congo in the recent civil war, but no-one even knows where it is? three million people... is an unimaginable number. that's like 9/11 every day for 2 whole years, and the world barely blinked. princess diana still gets front pages in the UK. how exactly did we get so fucking parochial that we can ignore a human tragedy on such a scale?

- how else can it be considered morally sustainable for pharmaceutical companies to block attempts to distribute generic copies of their HIV/AIDS drugs? how is it feasible to claim that because a drug is discounted to 'just' $500 per year, it's affordable, given how many africans live on less than a dollar a day, and given how fucking bloated with consumption and dollar signs the heads of such industries are?

- how else can we tolerate american anti-abortion activists witholding USAID funding from clinics that provide abortions, often to desperately poor and or sick africans? or providing government-blessed bullshit propaganda to tell africans that condoms don't work, despite the public health crisis that is HIV/AIDS? i mean what the FUCK is wrong with us?

- how else can we excuse the wholesale destruction of vast swathes of ancient african forests by Western companies which, when legally forced, will grudgingly pay less than a fraction of a thousandth of a percent of their profits to 'rehouse' indigenous peoples whilst destroying their habitat, and working in collusion with feckless governments to secure contracts in endangered areas, arranging beatings of unionised workers, etc. etc... and then - and this is my favourite bit - allowing western companies to come in and buy wholesale the DNA of individuals (something most people in such a situation cannot understand), again for a pittance, in case they are resistant to certain illnesses, in which case they can effectively utilise that person's genetic information for huge profit?

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AEON - couldnt have said it better myself and glad to see at least one other person in this world is as fuming on the topic as i am. i couldnt even sleep last night for stewing over these issues.

i woke up this morning feeling compelled to continue my rant with the "african world war". i mean the trouble definitely wouldnt have escalated quite as much as it did had the west got involved at the first signs of conflict in rwanda. because of the rwandan genocide and the related violence in burundi hundreds of thousands of hutu fled to neighbouring zaire (now the democratic republic of the congo) which became dominated by the hutu militia who were resposible for most of the genocide. with the ugandans they started giving weapons to the alliance of democratic forces for the liberation of congo and inevitably started carrrying out cross boarder raids... and so the new tutsi-dominated goverment of rwanda began giving arms to the tutsis of eastern zaire and so it spreads forcing the involvment of other african nations.... and its the same old story- forces fighting for power and the congos rich natural resources ie money.

and just think what we could have done- baring in mind one man in rwanda saved over a thousand people with no army or weapons just his head. instead we just fuel the conflict by trading weapons..... so shameful :isad:

i suppose i feel so strongly about africa as its my home and one of the most beautiful places on earth. the conflicts have not only sacrificed innocent human life but also have had serious impact on the wildlife of the region, populations plummeting and an increase in poaching for meat as well as teeth to produce illegal ivory. because of the violence in south africa my parents moved here. pretty much every member of my friends and family have experienced armed highjacking and robbery and im sorry to say one of my earliest memories was coming home from play group to find my maid and gardener tied up and beaten. although the situation in south africa is nowhere near genocide it really bothers me to think that if the situation got worse....the west would be more concerned with oil and money :sad:

another film to watch is lord of war... hollywood turning political :o whodathunkit?