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South Africa
AfroGalactic Records was spun out of the world renowned Alien Safari...

... the Cape Town based party organization that has been pushing the button for over 10 years now.

Its reputation as creating hard psychedelic but seriously fun dancefloors has attracted more than 250 000 people from all over the world down to the southern tip of Africa - both Alien safari and AfroGalactic Records is associated with screaming dancefloors, ripping sounds, beautiful decor and majick people.

Here is the album bringing it all together and celebrating 10 years of dancefloor mayhem.

V/A Afrogalactic records: DECADANCE>>

01. S.W.O.R.N / Poultry In Motion

02. Elbowroom / Strippa

03. DMMT / Real Men Don't Dance

04. Frozen Ghost / Mushroom Mayhem

05. S.W.O.R.N / Soul Survivor

06. Zigganaut / Show Me

07. Mamba / High Life

08. Zigganaut & Optic / You're In Business

09. Zion Linguist / Techno Weirdo

10. Lost & Found / Engine Ear

Expected Dec 9 2005