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Ajuca Productions main goal is to help manage djs, artists and record labels through to global distribution and promotion via our worldwide trance network. We are a team of like-minded individuals specialising in the material dance music phenomenon with a strong connection to the underground party scene working closely with numerous promoters globally and play a major part in the psy trance scene around the Brighton areas and southern England'. We specialize in pushing the current dance music phenomenon that is T.R.A.N.C.E.... Trance is growing in markets worldwide and we at Ajuca have been with it since its beginning in the early 90's. We concentrate on all forms of dance music and have worked with up to 10 recording labels to date and have had success with their distribution with more in the pipeline for the future. In doing this we have successfully built a large network of customers worldwide and have many new releases planned for this year. Watch this space for the sounds of Ajuca and discover collectable trance, CD's / 12"s and order these products online with 'Ajuca Productions" shopping. Limited Editions, promos and DJ pre sales are available in our store :


Mental Force – New Hom Mega style album (AJUCD007)
Various artist – Compiled by Jaal + Mr Raz (AJUCD008)
Zion – 2nd album, killer twisted psy trance (AJUCD009)

AjucaBox, 30 Sydney St, Brighton, Sussex, BN14EP, UK
Tel: +441273 230533 / Shop: +441273 623454
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