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The World innit!

Hello everybody!

This is me, Jess, introducing myself! I am a brightonian student, loving Brighton, much better than North-wst london where i grew up!

What else? I can either tell you everything or nothing, so i will keep it simple and a mystery! Quite new to this beautiful psychedelic scene, and its bloody brilliant...i feel like i have finally found my way... :runsmile: , and where my feet are spposed to the air!!

So, :peace: , love and :shrooms: to you all.

Lots of love,
Jess. xxxstar?!xxx
Welcome to the forum :drinking: hope you have lots of fun here :Smile3:
lo jess! :welcome: hope to see you very soon dancing your socks off

wicked fire chaining photo too by the way!

huw xx
Yes i am one of D and Dez's mates, that is very very perceptiveof you! :bounce:
How did you recognise that one and who are you?!

And i bloody love long exposure pics of fire spinnig, it manages to capture more than we are usually able to see and enjoy!

So, happy easter, or something like that.
Lots of love to eveyone! :sonne:

and huw, i liked your quote there.
Hi Jesstar,
Welcome to the enlightening world of psy