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I was really excited about buying this, but have already lent the original to a friend :sad: (after only having owned it for about 6 hours on saturday!) because I was so disappointed, just saving the tristan and sesto sento tracks on my computer!

i reckon if you like melodies, you'll probably be alright, but for me it's a case of really good tunes being ruined by HORRIFIC melodies. The fatali vs dark soho starts of STUNNING, ruined in the last few minutes!!
The sesto sento track is fantastic and really nice and long 10/10

the majority of the rest x X x (noise from family fortunes) :!:

feel free to completely disagree with me, as i'm sure the masses will love it, but I found it really hard to imagine the alchemy guys sitting there in a studio and actually thinking 'YES what great tunes let's put these on the cd!!'

ps does any one know why my name says 'psychedelic warrior' and how i can get it off!!!!!!!
V/A – Doppler FX


Format: CD
Artist: Various Artists
Title: Doppler FX
Label: Alchemy Records, U.K.
Cat. #: ALCD 010
Date: late April
Year: 2004

Track listing:

01. 06’55†Rinkadink vs. Protoculture – Poolside Killers
02. 07’48†Tristan – Cats & Fish
03. 08’06†Shift & Simba feat. Judah - Dubmention
04. 08’22†Exaile – Pitch Shift Case
05. 07’24†Sesto Sento – Name of the Game
06. 06’45†Broken Toy – Creature of da Wheel
07. 07’42†Dark Soho vs. Fatali – Around the World
08. 08’04†Intelabeam vs. Cyclic – L’eft by a Comet
09. 08’29†Fatali vs. Bizarre Contact – Psychedelic Emotions


Full throttle full-on with a touch of UK trance magic…

UK label Alchemy Records is out with another one of their critically acclaimed compilations… The never-ending collaboration trend is very much present here, and so is the Israeli invasion with more than half the featured artists being Israeli… Will this live up to expectations created by the dazzling Rinkadink album? Let’s find out…

Let me take you thru the tracks…

#01: First up is Rinkadink vs. Protoculture… The dust has hardly settled from Vana’s brilliant album ‘Rabbit From Darkside’ and now he’s back on Alchemy with this Protoculture collaboration… This is full-on! Poolside full-on … I’m not sure this is the stuff I’d play @ my pool, but that’s a different story all together… Constant changes in pace and rhythm, hard-hitting bass… Breaks and build-ups en mas – with all kinds of weird, twisted bleeps and acid belches and the occasional neat little melody… This has got the Vana touch for sure… Energetic track! ;o)

#02: “Dogs living with cats and mice sleeping with fish… It’s just wrong and I think we need to put a stop to that sort of thing!†Next up is Triiiiiistan… Oh yes, I can’t get enough of Mr. Cooke’s compositions… And he does NOT disappoint on this little gem… Smooth, groovy intro topped up by an übercool Shpongle-like vocoded voice sample… Very British, very cool! ;o) There are some really heavy underlying beats here, alongside a wicked, yet subtle acid line… So deep, so groovy – Awesome! Oh, and nerds shouldn’t be allowed to dance!

#03: The mystery of the disappeared dub! Now here’s Isr-alian Shift playing around with some of his buds… This is a pretty hectic track – it’s fast-paced with all kinds of melodies and FX twirling back and forth… Oh, and check out the very Analog Pussy-like voice sample… Maybe it’s Judah? Dunno… And I’m not sure if I like it or not… The music is pretty decent – without being revolutionary in any way… The second half of the track is better though… Decent track!

#04: Uhhmmm very tasty intro on this one!… Sweet psychedelic guitar action from Israel – kinda reminds me of the Infected “Classical Mushroom†sound… This is pretty standard full-on Israeli trance, though with some added value in the form of some nice guitars, a couple of cool climaxes and uh, yeah pitch shifts… Not bad, not bad at all…

#05: Wauw, this is one spacey track… Sesto Sento has already made quite a name for themselves on trance-floors around the world…And with this track it’s no wonder why… Maximum power full on with all kinds of psychedelic effects… Loads of twisted FX and more pitch shifts… Check out the crazy part @ 4’44 – Awesome! Stand-out track!

#06: Ultra-short intro with engine talk… And then it’s just eerie, industrial sounding full on with rock’ish influences… There’s a weird old high-pitched sound in here that annoys the hell out of me… I’m sure this will appeal to all the Chemical Crew fans, but personally I’m not too impressed…

#07: Ahh… Good old Dark Soho – and this time with neo full-on wonder Fatali… Style-clash really, but the outcome isn’t bad… Again, it is max power full-on, but this time with a slightly darker edge as always when Dark Soho is involved… The second half of the track is the best, where madness is just pumping away in the good old-fashioned manner… Sweet track!

#08: I had no previous knowledge of neither Intelabeam nor Cyclic… A what a shame that was, ‘cause they seem really talented! Again it’s blasting full on with loads of impressive effects… It’s all really bouncy and happy and this morning track left a big smile on my face… Very nice track!

#09: More Fatali, this time with Bizarre Contact…It sure is sunrise time now and the melodies queue up on this very blissful morning track… Classic Israeli full-on… The production is flawless, and it’s almost a little too well-polished… Generally, I like it though… Just take it for what it is; a light, fluffy morning track… Nice!

First of all, check out the very, very classy cover-art… I dig it! Generally I like this compilation… If there were a couple of more stand-out tracks, this would’ve gotten an even higher mark in my cool-book! For the untrained ear, the majority of these tracks will sound similar… And to a certain degree, they are similar… So I guess you could say “for a V/A it just needs to be more V!â€â€¦ But then again, people would have complained if the tunes were too different. So of course it is a matter of taste… If you do not appreciate Israeli full-on with a touch of UK psy-trance, I’d advise you to stay clear of this… If you do appreciate it however, you’ll love this!


Favourites: 2(!!), 4, 5(!!), 7, 8(!)


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looking forward to hearing this release hav'nt managed to get my grubby little mits on it as yet
Shift is South African you tosser!!
Oi! No need to call people names....

Anyways, I think I'm in love again. :wub:

I'm only half way through the album, but I like it so much I just have to say jeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :wow: Just the sort of stuff I've been waiting for. :Smile3:

To start with I thought the production was fairly amateur, but to my surprise it works. This is seriously full-on, with melody hook lines that'll stay in my head for ages.

Something tells me I'm going to be hammering it this summer (even if I *am* only on track 5 right now). :Grin:


A bit disappointed with this one, to be honest, especially after the superb Rinkadink album a while ago.

The melodies are too cheesy and the tunes sound messy, doesn't sound like it's too well produced.

None of the melodies are memorable, except maybe the Exaile track (track 4). Track 3 is horrific, i don't like the vocals at all!!

Oh well, to each his own i suppose.
Yep, a couple of good ones but this is definately one of those that you can't buy based on the samples on ChaosUnlimited. Feel like my cash could have gone somewhere better..... That's not to say they're all bad, the Sesto tune is quite nice and track 9 has the potential for the first bit, in fact it sounds like it might be the best on the album then deteriorates into a euro cheese fest. Now i'm up for some uplifting morning tracks but lets please not head into this territory........ :sad:

the Dark Soho tune sucks hairy donkey nuts :sad: :sad: :sad:

fuck me, nasty neo-Israeli piss-tosh-malarky!!! where's the sunspot fatness???

really disappointed. really.

the rest of it's pretty alright though :Grin: first three tunes are blinder. and sesto sento kill it at track 5 :partysmi:


Right, some cracking tunes from Alchemy continuing in a summery vein, and also some rather, er dubious offerings as well.

The opener from Rinkadink and Protoculture is pure class. Deep and funky with divine melodies floating overhead and behind and around combine for a real sunny-stomper. The samples in Tristan's Cats&Fish are great and Shift in collaberation provide a great tune mixing his trademark tuff stylee with reverbing dub vocals. From here some might say the souflee sinks somewhat, or they might say it goes a bit arse over tit, depends on yer bent but there's definitely something less than fresh about the odours. It all goes a bit cheese-tastic with Exaile's Potch Shift Case, but then Sesto Sento save the day with an absolute 10/10 belter, ripper, stormer of a track. Dirty 303s escalate and fight and rip through you and the bass lines range from a gentle popadom to full on gabba-esque stomp. Broken Toy are next and wanders around as is his wont throwing searing metalic doolalies at us. Dark Soho are next and ooh was I looking forward to this! Then I heard it :Sad: O how was I let down. That they've teamed up with Fatali should have given it away really. Imagine the dark, pounding, metallic heavy crunch of Sunspot, or even the slightly over-heavy Combustion. This sounds nothing like either of them. Think middle-of-the-road neo-full-on nonsense and you won't be far off. Sounds like any tune from some random Israeli producer who's just worked out how to use the same bassline as everyone else and put some synths over the top. Fair play the production is better than anything Dark Soho have done so far but this was excrutiating to hear. Kind of like coming home to find Winnie the Pooh recreating the Charge of the Light Brigade with the My Little Pony collection dolls. Intelabeam vs Cyclic funk it up again straddling the line between deep and funky and irreverantly do-de-dah and Fatali vs Bizzare Contact close this album of collaberations with Psychedelic Emotions which is a nice melodic cleanser for the end.

So, while there are some dubious tunes, and the dark horror (or lack of) from the Dark Soho track; there are too some proper killers: Sesto Sento, Shift and Rinkadink vs Protoculture provide more than enough quality tunage to mean that Alchemy have once again produced a very worthy compilation.

</> (coming soon!) </geek> <coat> :runsmile:
had a listen and its not as bad as i feared, the tristan choon and the broken toys choons are nice.

if you wanna hear a bad compilation check out:

va - zoo3 (compiled by skazi, i assume) of the worst records i have bought in a VERY long time