Alesis Ion at Turnkey



hehe you been checking on the Alesis nick! lol fair play..


me n me shadow
no really, it's just of those 'timmings', really... i'll tell about

i've been 'flirting' some pieces here and there for a couple of weeks now, and found that the Ion at Digital Village was costing £408
but i knew, there was something here not that usual, so i logged on Turnkey, as i logged i searched for the Ion and leads me to this page
and i go like
so i decided to contact Sir Colin on the subject and ask for the Divinal opinion, to what he replied, something like
'it is known that Turnkey is expensive, but
if you ask Turnkey whether they can beat the Digital Village price, you might get it even cheaper.'
and so i did
never got a reply to that mail, but unexpectly 2 days ago i received the Turnkey catalog, and for my surprise there was the Ion £10 cheaper than Digital Village!

lets see now wich Alesis piece i'm going to get first :ibiggrin:



yeah! then you can tell DV that turnkey are doing it cheaper than them and get them to drop theirs

play em off against each other!


that's what I did when I went hunting for the cheapest price on my CDJ100s, in Tottenham Ct Rd. I ended up in one shop telling him the shop down the road gave this good price, the guy then called the other shop shouting WTF was that price about and why they didn't advise him first, apparently he was the owner of both shops!! hihihi

6, 24 Lotus

sound control beat turnkey by £10 when i had them pricematch
always shop around is very cheap
turnkey will price match them too!