Alice in Wonderland RMX - mr_faster

Jon Kenobi

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:silly: bonkerz.......truely bonkerz :silly:
Ive told u what I finks 'wrong' with it. But I did also add that I dont really have a clue what Im talking about :Grin:

The changed bits sound WICKED tho :Grin: And it makes me smile every time I play it....must be good!!!


Drat Mafia

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give it a go dude, just get a looped section and play with the kick till u get a breaky/dnb lots of fun i tell thee :Smile3:

it's a very quirky tune tho, i has a breakbeat feel to it already, i jus think it would sound fucking cool if the rhythm was different. already got quite drum n bassy percussion, the snare for example.

just my 2 cents worth, nice going :Smile3:


thanks! its really useful to hear what others think, it helps a lot!
it actually started out more like breaks, it had a groovy bassline to it, but i made it more full-on..... i shall give it a go, doesnt all have to be the same format throughout, could have phases that the tune goes through.....interesting :Smile3:
it is truely driving my brother insane tho, and ive only been making it for 3 days! :silly: