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Well what to say about this, its nothing new - its your typical alien project style, not that there's anything wrong with that, but its full on israeli dancefloor stuff (which i'm partial to i have to admit). There are some good tracks on here Magic and Secret are my favourites, but there's nothing groundbreaking here - there are about 3 remixes (although only one named called -'One Good')- one called groovy is fukin awful in my humble opinion - i think the Talamasca guitar samples have been handed over to him at some point. Its difficult giving an in depth review cause there's nothing really in depth about it, its Alien Project - does what it says in the tin, if you like Alien Project this will be up your street, if your getting tired of that sound then this aint gonna help you at all - 7.5/10ish
Now Rinkadink album thats a totally differant kettle of..umm.. rabbits..
but thats elsewhere...
Hey how come you got this already then Morph, Lucky bugger....
From the Samples it didn't sound groundbreaking,
just more of the same, like an extension of the last album.
Having said that I did love a couple of tracks on the last one,
so there better be at least a couple of peaches on ere! :Wink3:
fair enough stick with a winning formula but FFS you also gotta evolve at the same time. twas bad enough tha on Aztechno Dream half the tracks had EXACTLY the same kick, break and drop, not much different from Midnight Sun either...and at least three tracks had samples from Event Horizon too. And as it sounds he's done the same thing again. :no:
must admit when he launched Aztechno Dream at EQ it was all stomping goodness on the floor, but hera it once and it gets old very quickly.
rant over. :juggle:
doing reviews for upfront mage so getting some early releases thank god! its bangin and that but wont surprise you and i shall be playing some on saturday as well as new spirit zone comp which is fukin tops! Tikal rock - album on neurobiotic soon. :wacko:
Yeah gotta hear this album and see wagwan :wacko: CrunchyPunch album looks good too.... :wizard1:
I had a listen to all the preview tracks at chaos unlimited and usually thats enough to sell me any cd but i heard was a lot of sounds/samples that were used in aztechno dream. I think crunchy punch will be my nxt purchase. A.P & orion! umm yeah.
Hmm, Don't worry be Groovy, a mixed bag...

1. MAGIC - A nice climbing set starter here. In good 'ole AP fashion you get a magical clear sound, plenty of long mystical buildups, a sense of what's to come. Nice track to start with.

2. GROOVY - Typical Raja & Ari, you know it's them just by listening. I think it's a great, happy type track. Guitars riffs and flute are great although nothing new. However i wanna wiggle-jiggle to this, it's a corker!

3. WHO HAS THE MARIJUANA? - Starts of like Midnight Sun then switches to Aztechno Dreams and that 'marijuana' voiceover. It's still a good track but this is yesterdays news mate. Why's it on the album? What's it all about??

4. I REMEMBER THE FIRST TIME - This again is an OK track, but we've had this served up before. Same sample different beat. It's not really new so whats' going on?? Surely you could of taken one afternoon off and replaced this track with summin else!!

5. ONE GOOD(remix) - A decent enough reworking of a good 'ole tune but so what? Get on with it man... Give us summin new!

6. FANTASY - Phew!! This track builds up nicely into a fun, groovy dancy track. It'll please the faithful, one for AP fans really though as it's not groundbreaking or inventive.

7. SECRET - This is a Killer track!! Typcially psychedelic, driving stomper full of great weird sounds which will definitely rock the dancefloors. I need to freak out to this!! A great rhythm, momemtum, b-line and samples.

8. NITRO PUNCH - This Orion collaboration is an amazing morning track, it really touches the spot but it draws on old samples and techniques. There's bare amounts of his old tunes Magnetic, Crystal Skulls and flutey bits. AP fans will totally love this tune though, with it's depth and emotion. TBH this is what i love, the tune rocks but it ain't nothing new. You just know it's them....

9 RAPIGINIO - Another killer tune! A beautiful finale for the morning, typical APpsy-magic drawing heavily on it's predecessor Silent Running. I totally love this tune, it'll make the fans happy and the floors rock!!

This album really is for the fans... AP does what he does best and succeeds, although he does not cover any new ground. He relies on past formulas which have served him well. Admittedly, the new tracks are brilliant. What we get are more great tracks in the good 'ole Ari way but no diversity, new idea's or change.

You judge.....

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Been Listening to this and Crunchy Punch over the last few dayz, and Groovy is a good word for both of them, single tracks aren't really inspiring me that much, but overall they are good. Have to agree with you Morph, I Like Magic and Secret from AP (Magic worked as a set opener as well m8 :Wink3: ), and the chillout tune Down in Negev on Crunchy is cool... More listens needed. Just got Wizzy Noise so these may go on hold.
This should be in the postal system at the moment and should arrive tomorrow morning with a few others.

Initially, I ordered it to go in my case cos people may request it but having read you guys reviews I'm rather looking forward to it.

As Mr 5 said, if he changed his formula drastically we all would probably moan.

I've also got Full On 7 coming and was a bit suprised to hear the Astrix track from that when I previewed it on the Chaos site. Maybe we'll be saying things like.....of course he'll never be able to match the genius of Eye to Eye. :Wink3:
Along with Magic and Secret, would have to add Fantasy as a good un an all, although I think it's Ofer Divosky's morphing and twisting synth work that does it rather than Ari Alien.
No new gorund covered really hey Geoff. Several great tracks but a mixed bag really :unsure: