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Looks like Alienware are making a move into the audio market.

Check those prices!!

If you want to get the Dual Intel® Xeon™ Processors 3.2GHz 533 MHz FSB w/ 2MB Cache - which is what they compared the G5 against it will be another $1955, $2k just on CPU!!

and their $4.5k top of the line model only comes with a 79Gb HD as standard.
eMpTy-1 said:
and their $4.5k top of the line model only comes with a 79Gb HD as standard.

It's a 2 drive RAID array. The drives are ridiculously fecking quick (10,000RPM). It comes with a Delta 1010 as standard, which is going to rack the price up to a certain degree, as will the Registered ECC RAM.

$2k just on CPU!!

Intel processors are painfully overpriced for what they can chuck out these days - it's them new fangled AMD Opterons and Athlon 64s you want to watch out for. Either way, both will handily spank the G5.

Come on dude, this is silly - people don't buy Apple for performance, they buy it 'cos they don't want to worry about using a computer, which is fair enough.

Besides, pre-built PCs aren't really where it's at anyway - the whole advantage (as I see it) of them is that you can pick and choose your components - Alienware has always been about XR3iTurboNutterBastard performance, and damn the price. The truth is that I could probably build a machine that will handily punt the G5 into a cocked hat for roughly 1/2-2/3 the price.

As I said though, price/performance isn't the point with Apple machines (ease of use wins out there, even if my personal experiences don't bear that out), just as it isn't with Alienware (it continually amazes me how much performance mileage has been wrung out of the frankly god-awful x86 architecture). Apple's business practices are somethng else entirely, and that, again, is just my personal point of view.



I am sure this is highly amuzing for the other forum members, watching us go back and forth.

Alright lets not do this any more even though it is quite enjoyable.

But seeing as I am going to get the last word in I just want to say that I don't think you are giving the OSX platform a fair shake.... na na


eMpTy-1 said:
But seeing as I am going to get the last word in I just want to say that I don't think you are giving the OSX platform a fair shake....

I quite like the idea behind OSX as it happens, I think the implementation's a little shaky here and there still. I really don't like the fact that the interface is still oversimplified (still on a single mouse button configuration, making context menus - a feature I use a lot - feel clunky). It's funny, because the 'click and hold' paradigm is the only thing I really dislike about Logic's interface. Some of the MacOS GUI paradigms don't seem as well thought through as they could be - accidentally clicking on something then clicking away renames the file as '' (nothing) - which in a GUI aimed at non-techies is frankly inexcusable.

I think that trying to force people to do *everything* through the GUI when a CLI is still more appropriate for some tasks (something MS are also guilty of recently) is a bad design decision made in the '80s by the Mac's design team which has gone uncorrrected until recently. I like to get under the hood, and I like to have a choice. I like that you can get a terminal (CLI) window on OSX if you want (finally!).

I'm a geek though, so YMMV. :Smile3:

tweaka said:
must be lurv.:P init.

. . . . . as you were guys :Grin:

He's not my type. :P

As I'm sure I've mentioned before though, I did date a (female) Mac-head for about 3 years - never an easy situation! :Wink3:

JPsychodelicacy said:
He's not my type. :P

Come on don't write me off that soon, I got a 3Ghz P4 also :Wink3:

Funny. I get both versions on screen, just as you did; I originally saw your reply with all the Greek symbols intact. Something must have happened between posting my reply and it going on the forum.

Just to check, I see this as the original, special characters present and correct:
...And there it is, changed when the post is viewed as part of the thread!

'Tain't me, momma!
I am on Opera 7, which I have a lot of praise for, maybe that has something to do with it.

The symbols were just the result of pressing [option+any key] eg. œ∑´®†Â¥Â¨ˆÃ¸π“‘«¡™Â£Â¢∞§¶•ÂªÂº–≠åß∂ƒÂ©˙∆˚¬…æΩ≈ç√∫˜Âµ≤≥÷

How does it look in IE? I tried this on another forum and instead of the symbols there were a string of numbers for each symbol.
I use Opera 7 too (unless I want to see the chatbox).

Your posts look the same to me in Opera or IE. Maybe the PC version of Opera doesn't send special characters properly. Or something.
That'll be codepage hassles - I've been dealing with them a lot at work recently (I've never liked it much, but have now come to realise that MS Word is truly the work of the devil).

Interestingly, Moz (original and Firefox) has no problems rendering either (except for Colin's cut/paste and repost).

Curiouser and curiouser!

or... ... ... might it be a quirk of the forum code, or PHP?

It seems odd that it can work and not work on the same browser, and I've noticed that smilies don't always get pasted.

I dunno!
o sorry i meant the greek police..........they hate geeks almost as much as lager louts and anyone smiling....................o ye and theyve also banned computer games so God help you if you've got any of those on your devil machines.

And yes solitaire counts :Smile3: