All-Infected mix, please have a listen if you like them


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i meant to post this sooner... it's an all-Infected mix i did a while ago. the first time i've done a mix like this: mixed WAV files (using Traktor, no auto-matching) and CDs by hand to get the "rough" mix, then used Soundforge to edit and add effects. i recently added "Acid Killer" at the end as a "just one more" tune. there are a few rough edges, and i learned a lot while putting this together.

hope you like it! let me know, please.
oh, i don't want to put up the tracklist yet, because die-hard Infected fans should get a kick out of being surprised. i'll chuck it up later.

the mix starts with the newer, more progressive stuff, then eventually climaxes with oldschool Infected.

:wow: Awesome mix!!!Totally lovin' it!Really well-constructed! :bananada:
cheers- i think it's a cool way to do non-demo mixes, as you get a unique result that could only be done using a computer, without sacrificing the "feel" of live mixing (i run two outs from my laptop to a real mixer, so Traktor is just acting like two decks).

i'll post a link to another mix i did asap.