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Countdown to Brizzle !
Yay finally got around to doing a new mix - feedback / bookings appreciated :Wink3:

:: Adventures In Sofa 17/12/2004 ::

Intro: 'Relax' - from the motion picture "American Beauty" [Marc designs the sound edit]
The Orb - Little Fluffy Clouds [Adam Freeland Tsunami One Mix] [Island]
'Change the world' - from the motion picture "Dead Poets Society"
Jean Jaques Perry - EVA [Vanguard]
Abakus - Nightwalker [Liquid Sound Design]
'Serious drug collection' - from the motion picture "Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas"
The Beatles - Tommorow Never Knows [Apple]
'Weather Report' - Mueirann Fore / Marc Scratchadelic
The Doors - Riders on the Storm [Wea]
Musical Youth - Pass the Dutchie [MCA]
Ott - Splitting the atom [twisted]
Beats International - Just Be Good To Me (Accapella) [Elektra]
Kinobe - Slip into Something [Pepper]
'Life moves fast' - from the motion picture "Ferris Bulellers Day Off
'Fight on the Beaches' - Winston Churchill speech before commons (June 4,1940)
Opia - Eye for you [Saag records]
'Damn fine coffee' - from the tv series "Twin Peaks"
Nightmares On Wax / Brian Blessed - The White City (Part 1) [Azuli]
Morcheeba - Undress Me Now [Zomba]
Dubstar - Stars [EMI]
'Ciy Morning' - Marc Scratchadelic [credits to Michael Oster/f7 Sound & Vision]
Chemical Brothers - Alive Alone [Freestyle Dust]
Red Seal - Ina Di Battle [Flow]
Bob marley - Jammin' [Island]
Lady Saw - Sycamore Tree [V.P. Records]
BadMarsh & Shri - Appa [Nettwerk]
'Edinburgh, Distant Times' - Unknown documentary/ITV Scotland
'Enjoyed Yourselves' - from the motion Picture "The Big Lebowski"

great mix marc, just listening to it again now.. lovely morning music :sun:
and i love the spoken word over my track by the way :drinking:
Absolutely brilliant from what ive heard so far.. first mix from the A.Beauty sample to the Orb track is inspired.. but [/dicksuckery] :P
some seriously good shit here

Edit: and Ott into Beat International.... sublime...*makes hazy drifting away face*
This is a lovely mix........listened to it on my way into work and it made my first commute of the new year literally flow by. Excellent work on the samples and voiceovers. Have you compiled the samples onto a cd, or do you use a sampler, as there is no way you could changes cd's and cue them up that quickly.
We haven't got a chillout room at baraka at the moment (while they refit the club) but I will be forcing the rest of the crew to have a listen to this, if they haven't already. :gonnasta:
Hey thanks so much for the great feedback :wow:
makes it all worthwhile when you know folk are enjoying it :Smile3:

In answer to your question I actually use finalscratch which lets me play and scratch wavs and mp3s off my laptop using timecoded vinyl []... this makes cueing stuff up a helluva lot quicker than digging through crates or loading/unloading cd's. Also means I can cut my own edits and samples to mp3 and scratch em out live straight away :Smile3:

I have a couple of other mixes on if you are interested [one breaks+prog psy+techno+electro , the other two funk+soul+funky breaks+other random stuff ] .. will hopefully be getting another on the go when I go back to edinburgh next week too.


i lurve it... i love it all :wub:

Hey but i remember telling you this before!! :Grin:

really good chill out set!

Adventures in sofa = inspired title.
American beauty sample makes me go all tingly and opias track is amazing.

:wub: bbbboootifull :hihug: