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Hey Guys,
I found my Passion for Goa this year and i've visited a lot of Goas the last Months.

Since the only Music im listening to is Goa, I've made some Playlist's for Myself.
I've spend A LOT of time searching for Songs, Dj's, Albums...

There have been so many People on the internet searching for good Goa songs, especially
for specific ones such as Dark, Forest or High Tech.

So I've decided to share my Playlists with you Guys, i really hope that you will enjoy them.
*I'm updating them weekly, at the moment even daily.

In total, I've got more than 700 songs on my 4 Playlists.

Progressive Psytrance/ Psychedelic Trance:
I think everyone should know this type of Goa, i think its the one the most people listen to.
Progressive Psytrance& Psychedelic Trance Playlist

Its mostly faster than Progressive Psytrance/ Psychedelic Trance. The basslines are really deep
and strong, in the most cases with some electronic, robotic soundings samples. It's a really
evil thing, but i love it.

DarkPsy Playlist


Forest is a subgenre of DarkPsy. It uses the same deep, strong and mean Basslines. But in addition
to Dark, the basslines come with organic, elemental, mysterious and even scary sounding samples.
I think this has a really psychedelic and hallucinating effekt.
Sometimes it's really hard to seperate Dark and Forest, but i would say Forest is my favourite.

Forest Playlist

For me, its the most.. i think i will call it craziest Style. It is so fast, there is no way you
can stand still while listening to this. But you really need some time to get into it!

HiTech Playlist

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