Allegations that Bush authorised spying on people inside the USA


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Administration officials refused to confirm or deny details of the New York Times report, but issued a robust defence of anti-terrorist operations, saying they had prevented several attacks - including one on targets in Britain.
I can see them all now, sitting round the Oval orrifice, saying...
" but what of the people of country X find out what we're up to ??!!"
" I know, if we just tell them that such actions have saved lives on X's soil, that'll shut them up..."
" Oh yeah, it's not like we ever have to verify it or anything, as to confirm the details would be a threat to....... NATIONAL SECURITY !!! - WooT " ( high fives all round, USA!, USA! )

A possible light at the end of the tunnel ?
In a separate development on Friday, the Senate refused to reauthorise provisions of the Patriot Act, extending government surveillance rights.


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The whole point of the PATRIOT Act was the ability to spy on the citizens of the US without warrant or notification. It's an odious piece of legislation that could practically have been written during the heyday of McCarthyism.

The old-school Nixon/Reaganites were blindsided by the appeal of Clinton and are dead set on avoiding having power taken away from them that way again... this is one of their methods to make sure it won't happen again.



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A rightwing take on this I have come across is that, in the light of the Plame affair, those who pass on such information as this to the press should be investigated and prosecuted. After all, it's giving useful information to the liberal press, who as we know, all want terrorists to win.
Jeez - it's like I'm talking a whole different language when I hear or read that sort of thing.

Mind you, it's the same the world over. Heard on the news re the race riots in Australia - from a red neck white Australian. Summat like, "tell those Asians we dont want them here - this is our country"!

Ummmm, hello, ever heard of Aboriginies....?