Altom - Groove Control


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This album is my favourite at the moment cant stop playing it!
I think it has great production and a good mix of fullon and progressive,the title track groove control is a quality tune that needs to be played out on a regular basis and track six serotonine is a good'un as well what does anyone else think?
I think this is a good album, it sounds great and has some interesting tunes, i like the ones with grooova like the title track and Serotonine, i´ll give it 7/10 to it.... :hehe:
Yeeeah it's good, but not really what i was expecting.

Altom's first album, "Hologram" was one of my favourite cd's at the time, and still is amazing, :Grin: But with this second release i was hoping for something on the same sort of basis, but evidently that is not the case.
This second album is alot more "full on" and although still noticeibly altom like in places, it does sound alot more similar to many other artists, although the production is of very high quality :cool:
I believe with the increase in BPM, they seem to have lost the depth and emotion that Hologram had, which is understandable that an artist will want to evolve their music, but............ why??????? :sad:

Having said that, that was my first impressions, and i have played it alot, definatly like lots of the tracks, and i'm sure it could get you ya think :Wink3:

Yeah Wicked CD, spot on production my fav's at the moment are Serotonine (with you on that Mayhew) and The Code for that structure changing build! Top Stuff :Wink3:
I'm not at all convinced.... Any less conviction and I'd say you guys enjoy this like you would a fart in your bed..



Go home... :sad:

I'm feelin 'y Daaaave. I'm all for lowerin Bee-Pee-em's... :cool:

no-body's really ravin' though are they...


Zaven said:
I'm not at all convinced.... Any less conviction and I'd say you guys enjoy this like you would a fart in your bed..



Go home... :sad:

I'm feelin 'y Daaaave. I'm all for lowerin Bee-Pee-em's... :cool:

no-body's really ravin' though are they...



hmmmmm,i take it your not that keen on it then Zaven? :?
I wan't to be keen, but I'm just not convinced.. Somebody say something convincing!

The first album showed some genuine maturity and soul. The soundscapes were very well woven and cast with some dreamy and spell binding swell that made them unique...

..I'm just waiting for a decent review I guess, rather than heresay..

Ok here's my thoughts. I agree that its a step away from the sound on Hologram (which I like) But I do like this direction, they have added more prominent melodies to their sound giving it a bit more beef for the dance floor.
After all the recent backlash against the israelly sound I feel Altom have encorporated some of the better elements of the israelly's sparkle and added that little French twist to it. Saw them at Full Moon festie in Germany and I've got to say that they were such a refreshing change, they played while the :sun: was beaming down and their sound really worked on the dance floor! It was most definately groovy!
Cant really pick bones wiv it (although the final track is a little too Jazztastic for my tastes)
This is a dancefloor album, one for the DJ's definately, preferably while the :sun: is shining :Smile3:
i loved hollogram so im a bit dissapointed with this. i agree with daaave above!
production is damned tight....but its not very interesting or psychedelic if you ask me
big synth lines not really going anywhere

hollogram rmx sounds like the best after a quick scan (bass blasts in!)

i need to give it a more detailed listen, but i reckon it could do with a few more lashings of originality.

I borrowed it and actually snapped it into 50 pieces!


I hear one more VB1 I'm gonna :sob:

It's like - in Psy world there is no other frikkin Bass. Seriously what the fuck is the problem here??

Choosing a CD in trance is like choosing a meal in Macdonalds - there's the picture - looks great but it's the same pappy-frikkin-trash every time.

*Nice fries though.. Oh, and apple pies are o.k...*

It just seemed like you were having a bit of a dig at 'Trance' in general... seemed a bit odd considering what the forum is for :Sad:

As it turns out I think I'd missunderstood your vibe tho. I had a read of your Kruger and Coyle review and it strikes me that you're not so much anti-trance, rather just a bit hacked off with some of the 'neo-fullon' trance-by-numbers efforts that have been out of late.

Fair point really, I was just hoping for a bit more of a clue as to what it is about some of the recent 'pappy-frikkin-trash' that's getting up peoples noses.

Sad but true - I still like the odd Alien Project tune and will happily dance to predictable K-B-B-B-K-B-B-B-K-B-B-B-K-B-B-B tunes in the right environment. The thought of Psy-Trance suddenly getting all 'inventive' and loosing that winning formula is a worrying thought for me.

I'm not saying things shouldn't progress, but in my opinion a lot of the 'predictable' stuff around at the moment is like that for a reason "If it ain't broke, don't fix it". :Smile3:

OK, I'm preparring to be labelled as a 'boring old fart' :Wink3:

Hope I didn't offend with the previous comment - I was just trying to get a bit more of an explanation...
Not at all Pricey - respect.


I'm THE biggest and most heart-felt forumer here. That's precisely why I get genuinely up-set about the quality control. I know this sounds pretentious but I am quite literally up to my mindsend in the scene. Don't ask me how. It's a long story..

It seems I am the only one who will stand up for what I believe and I believe the scene if rife with kids and fuck-heads.

I am a man of music. People. and psychedelic substances.

When finely tuned - this combination can create REAL magic. As seen throughout the generations.

But not everyone can make the music. Don't get me wrong - everyone has a place - and I mean everyone - just some are too ego-testicle in their motives and it reflects 50 fold in the music and consequent trip.

The majority of artistes are in fact the dancers and dedicated travellers around the world who seek graeater things than to be the latest DJ or music maker.

I hope my sentiments are clear Pricey.

You are not at all boring - look where you are and what you enjoy!


Don't be a stranger..
Cheers chap, glad we're on the same wavelength there :Smile3:

I like the thought that a large number of the artistes in the scene are at heart dancers and travellers. Music can convey so much that words cannot - dance and travel are important things indeed to convey.

Anyway, I'm gonna reserve judgement on the Altom topic until I've heard it all 'live' at the Rex. :partysmi:

See you on the dancefloor.
Very Dissapointing, The Code is a good track thats about it! Too much expectation I think after Hologram, perhaps always going to be a let down! Ah well. :partysmi:
I love the album! The first time I heard it didnt think too much either. I then went to see them live.... WOWOWOW. This music is made for parties. Plus, every time Im at a party and an Altom track is played the crowd goes wild !! I think that there are some albums that just work at loud volumes :Grin: :speaker: