AMAZONIA CD - A Brazilian artist compilation on AJUCA recs

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Ajuca Proudly presents
‘Amazônia’ Brazilian compilation.

Sublunatix are Dj Bishop (Compact Recs) and Dj Ziad (Analogic / Sphere).
Both dj’s feature strongly in the currently increasing psychedelic market n Brazil. They have brought to Ajuca's first cd release this special CD featuring some of the hottest new Brazilian musicians in the market, alongside some of the scenes top artists from around the world.

1 Spectral Skunk vs Echotek – Metaphor (Explore remix)
A good intro track definately worthy for any djs bag, Brazil v Israel

2 Wrecked machines vs Atomic Pulse – Angel Dust
These guys need no introduction Wrecked Machines (
and Atomic Pulse (Spectrum music - Israel)

3 Setherian vs Ultravoice vs Perplex - Cococabana
Brazilian new star Setherian, who recently played in the UK teams
up with Israels finest Ultravoice and Perplex

4 Analogic vs Sequipa – Mountian Doom
Label Dj Ziad and his Brazilian friend make this stormer of a track

5 Bishop + Gataka - Guarana
A heavy 3DV style theme a top track from Dj Bishop and Natan

6 Vibra - Feeway
This guy has been on the scene a while now and this stormer
shows some of his best work to date.

7 Burn in Noise vs Quantum State – Waking Life
Another fresh talent....With a full on feel but funky throughout along
with a very catchy riff near the finale

8 Project 33 – Fifteen days to lesson
New Brazilian artist Project 33 which kicks arse on the dancefloor!

9 Sequipa vs Sesto sento - Online
Sesto Sento need no introduction and with the help of Sequipa
this is a beautiful track with all the right elements inside

10 Oxyd v Dj Ollie (MOS) – Doctor Disco (Remix)
A a funky percussive + tribal gem, which will end your journey....


11 Viktan feat. Sublunatiks – Do not Dance
A killer anthemic tune from Dj Injection featuring sublunatiks...

It is a beautiful album of spacey and full on neo psy trance.
Look, listen ands learn from the sounds of Ajuca!
Yo Ryan, It's Ben, Brad's #1 Son.

This looks like a darn good release. Great f'in work bro, good to see you keeping some serious pace with the international scene.

I'll have to get some tuneage your way. I'll have to listen to this first though..

I'm releasing my first tune with PAN and Protoculture this summer on Harmonia records...

Be in touch..

This will be a great leap forward. See you in the Woods in Brighton?/ It's Dad's 50th....

Woooooo :speaker: :partysmi: :speaker:
the psyreviews, he say

Ajuca Productions (UK)

Brighton's premier label has seriously outdone itself with this collection of Brazilian trance: a sound that's uplifting but with splatterings of gnarl, chummy yet danceable, and with a fair few surprises chucked in along the way. Spectral Skunk vs Echotek's Metaphor stirs it up nicely, a slinky progressive web weaved over a phat, easy groove. Wrecked Machines vs Atomic Pulse are up next, Angel Dust being a low-set shifter that, while it's not the best from either of these producers, it does the trick. Analogic vs DJ Stefano's Mountain Doom is a hefty beast, with a slightly euro-melody which will either make it or berak it for you, be ye DJ or punter. Bishop vs Gataka's Guarana is massive: deceptively paced at 140, it's a relentless underbelly with some really cute touches across the top. Freeway from Vibra is particularly nice, and hopefully a good sign of things to come. Building perfectly, by about two minutes in it's hanging together perfectly, and with grea t production to boot. No matter how much you need a pint, chances are you'll wait on the dancefloor till this is over. Burn In Noise vs Quantic Fusion's Waking Dream is funky and anthemic. A huge breakdown and melodies more likely to appeal to the fluffier dancefloors, you can't begrudge its power. Project 33 feat DJ Fred's 15 Days Of Lesson is very tasty indeed... right from the start you know it's got all the right ingredients, a seriously blistering bit of fullon that ought to be the cause of much kicking-up-of-dust this summer. Oxyd vs DJ Oli's DOctor Disco Remix is a tasty tecchy tribal tittilator to bring things to a close in style, before bonus track Viktan feat Sublunatics' Do Not Dance once again combines the melody, the energy, and flecks of messiness to an epic effect. The Brazil sound won't be to everyone's taste, but with the uplifting vibes sprinkled with just enough attitude, it ought to be a permanent fixture at this summer's outdoor morning sets.

four glasses of soya milk
nice litlle review here damion! :Wink3: :P
Me loved it as well!
my favourites on the compilation>> Project 33 and Viktan!
but selecting two favourites out of this release is very hard thing to do!
actually all the tracks have a something special! the whole stuffs is packed with intelligent collaborations!
it is good to get some fresh air!
great comp just got it today some deep blines on this one :o :?

Wrecked machines vs Atomic Pulse – Angel Dust best track on the comp :tongue1:

Burn in Noise vs Quantum State – Waking Life
this one for five in the morning :?

got the new Setherian album true psychedelic trance :lol:
Yes indeed, a nice collection here ripe for the outdoor summer. Some great tunes, way above average comp :Wink3: