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I have for sale the following amps:

2 x BSS EPC780.....2x1000w @ 4ohm, 2x1500w @ 2ohm. 2u hi (but very long front to back). Inputs on XLR and Jack. Outputs on Binding posts.
with new foam dust filters and one has had a recent service. Both in tip-top working condition. Cosmetically OK, too.
£750 each or buy both and get a FREE 7u extra long flight case for them
Pics: EPC780.jpg

1 x EV P3000....2x1300w @ 4ohm, 2x1600w @ 2ohm, 3200w @ 4ohm bridged ...3u hi. Inputs XLR, Outputs Speakon ...Also recently serviced

Pics: 2.jpg back2.jpg

1xInkel MA430
...2x200w @ 4ohm, 400w @8ohm bridged...2u hi. inputs XLR and Jack, Outputs Binding Posts plus a single speakon for bridged.
In fair condition (ch 2 level pot has worn end stops) and comes in a free 2u sleeve case with tasteful black vinyl covering a la 70s Ford Cortina!!


PM me on here, or mail julz[at]
Just updated this...Warrior is now sold, but I've added my EV P3000....

The BSSs and EV amps are premier quality kit....It would be a shame if they didn't get used properly!

Someone must have a use for these!
The BSS EPC780's are great amps, Zique Audio use them to drive 2" TAD HF drivers :o
I think these were spec'd with all the Turbo sound Flashlight rigs...

Will ask around :Wink3:
Cheers, mate....I *know* they are great amps...they were spec'd for flashlight/floodlight systems for the bass (the EPC760 were intended for Mid/top duties..same chassis, but 750w/ch instead of 1000w/ch)

£750 is also a decent price....

Marquee Audio sell them for £1000+vat each and I've seen them go for even more!
Turbo may have spec'd them for bass, but I know a couple of engineers who love them on Mid/Tops - It's a voltage thing rather than just the power output.