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I think I owe the people I have upset a huge apology. It was not my intention to be either anti-semantic or to upset anyone in any way. It was just a stupid joke that either I took too far or others took too seriously. However I can now understand why people did.

I'd therefore like to reiterate my apology.

I suppose you should learn something from everything you do, and this is it. Perhaps I should consider other people's feelings before behaving like a total tit.

I hope you can find it in yourselves to forgive me and we can all move on from here.

thing is that you are not really avi. so until you come clean your apology is as much of a joke as your other posts!
i love you anyway

yeah ditto - except - if your a man I dont love you in 'that' way ... :Wink3:

I reckon you should come clean & tell us all who you really are ... I dare ya ... it should round off your learning experience nicely .....

Agree with the above, not much of an apology if he can't even say who he really is. Until he does that I don't accept the apology and I still find him offensive. What a sick fucking joke.
Ah feck it, everybody seems to know who he is now. Just hope all this trolling shit will calm down a bit now.
Your apology for antisemitic tone sounds sincere enough. It's accepted. :ph34r:

So what's your real name, i'm Vic :partysmi:
ok then my real name is ben. i have been benny fli the mcdonalds team leader looking for music for the caesar salad marketing campaign range, mikey the multi millionaire who took lsd and decided to give up all his money and become a sadhu and avi the israeli dj who wont let "forein" in to his parties. all as ludicrous as each other.

I really didnt want to upset anybody but seem to have done.

I suppose apart from the fact that I do like to monkey about I also like to challenge people's conceptions of what others are like and stimulate a bit of lively discussion.

It just appears that I'm not very good at it.

Anyway I hope some of you had fun with it and again I apologise to anyone upset.

Finally I would like to stress that I am not Megan.

Peace and flowers and stuff.

welcome to the forum family Ben, you know take pride of place as our very own loveable monkey.. please do continue to challenge the way we think.. but just do it as yourself eh?

ps you still owe me a beer.. :Wink3:


Stix :sun:
Welcome to the forum Ben!

Finally I would like to stress that I am not Megan.

So your registering Avi's account between the time Megan and Jenny registered is just a coincidence is it?

Not like you sit next to each other in class?

And of course you don't have any other accounts or class mates on here do you? :Wink3:

PHLUR :sun:
TG.. Megan is a real person... so is her mate Jennnn..

just a co-inkidink hunny..
no promise its not me, not enough style there.
its just a coinci-dance. peice of sychronicity whatever you like to call it