Ananda Shake "Emotion in motion" (utpcd08)

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The multi-talented duo, standing behind the Ananda Shake project are Osher Swissa and Lior Edri, both based in the southern parts of Israel.
They initially started producing Old School Goa trance oriented music, and in time it has evolved into their killer full-on sound they are known for today. Ananda shake is another bright star shining under the Utopia Sky.
Their debut album "Emotion in Motion" which will be released in Januar 2005, proceeds Ananda Shakes previously released tracks on labels such as Shiva Space Technology , Utopia Records compilations, Fungi Records,
Crystal Matrix, Psytropic Records and Mahogany Records to name a few.
This highly anticipated album has been comprehensively tested on dance floors all over the world.

Track list:

1. Old School
2. Wrong Answer
3. Let the Music
4. Wonderland (Album Version)
5. Caution
6. Banana Banji
7. Break Dance
8. Make Me Shake
9. Total Madness
10. Emotion In Motion

The album will be available at at 20/1/05

Enjoy !!!