Ananda Shake - We Speak Music


2nd album from these guys. Not heard the first so can't comment on the progress to this. But I've only good things to say. Nice and solid production. Good basslines. Some great breakdowns and randomness going on.

I recommend highly.

This was my most surprising purchase of the year so far. Totally impressed.


Damions review.....

I’m a bit late on this one – as it was sent to my UK address while I was meanwhile on the other side of the planet. You may have heard this already, it may all be old news, but if this one has passed you by then it’s worth a sniff as one of the better fullon artist albums to have materialised in quite some time. The buzzword here is energy – the music’s overflowing with it. Quite where these two guys get it from is something of a mystery; you’d have to go back to your vintage 3D Vision stuff to find high-octane stuff like this. Meshel 6 Days kicks off with a fat intro with a piano that has me thinking of Bruce Hornsby. This subsides though – into a tasty, succulent slab of guitar-friendly acidic trance. It’s a good mix of solid, riff-based lines and quirky little stopstarts and tricks, and a vibe that’s positive without being overtly cheesy – as though you’re chasing the sun, and that this means something. After Shock continues in the same vein – hugely effective, massively powerful music. The sounds are so big they feel like they’re attached to your face, and at the point where the huge breakdown comes crashing down around you, they start pounding at you like angry dockers. Street Fighters is peppered with cheeky little Richard Pryor samples (“I must have snorted up Peru”) and runs out into a big bit of Israeli with an epic vibe. Decent stuff all the same, but not quite realising their full potential. Pushing Me Out is another big tune, likely to get dancefloors moving but with its over-reliance on a fairly tired-sounding four-chord pattern it again lacks some of the interest, excitement and spark that some of the other tracks boast. Digger is a better example of their raw, boundless energy – when it all comes together it seriously cascades all over the place, with huge sounds all layered around you like a giant marshmallow of dust-kickery. Round Trip chucks a bit more funk and a vaguely electro-tinge into the mix, and while it lends a bit more of an Infected-esque sound it works well. The breakdown and peak are an utter whirlwind here, once again it’s all about the power and these guys definitely deliver. Ground Speed is a shade edgier, with a moody feel and plenty of twist at the bottom end, and for my money this extra dimension makes for some unbelievably powerful music. Classy. Less so is Shake Well Before Use, which falls into those traps of (a) sounding like Infected and (b) having a cringemaking euro topend; and this is not to mention the frankly embarrassing guitar solo. Ornella Secrets sounds like Spinal Tap over mid-period Infected, We Speak Music sounds like a less cohesive Violet Vision, and both are missable. There are some duff bits on here, make no mistake. But despite this, you can’t fault their energy and poise and sheer enthusiasm for the music they’re making. Impressive stuff, and well worth a listen.

Loved the last album and the comp stuff but didn't like this at all.

Mentioned it to Lior and he gave me a personal apology... and without a hint of sarcasm! :iwink:

Bad album... but their after-sales service is second to none! :ilol: