Ancient Future


Professor of Ecognomics
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Henley-on-Thames Rah!
1. Horizon - First Flight, Like the Brummie psy-stewardess in the intro, tracks a good'un too, bit of an acid techno sound in there, bouncy. :sun:

2. Dynamic - Alien Craft, Like the breakdown in this one, tunes good too, sounds old goa techno? ends abit abruptly :sonne:

3. Green Ohms - Jack in The Box, (Eskimo & Horizon Rmx)

4.Bizare Contact - Ice age,

5. Horizon - Open your eyes,

6. Jumanji - Jew know what I mean, NICE TWISTED FUNKY TUNEAGE smiles :sonne:

7. Horizon - Turn it To Dust,

8.Mindfield + Cosmosis - Psycho Problem (rmx), yes yes yes great remix alot more funky, goes well with the original :speaker: :sun:

9. Triptych - Spectral Visions Bit more slow this one but v good :sun:

The ones with no comment didn't do it for me sorry

PHLUR :sonne:

Hmm doing this has made me realise how good some people are at reviewing :rolleyes:
Looking forward to this release should hold a few bangers, to set the place alight...

Horizon First Flight, sounds awesome from the samples, Zorflux does it right then!

Got to wait until payday, not long now tick, tick, tick
Listened to the samples a couple of weeks ago and got me very interested!
Shall check it out in due time!