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I just put another track on line, for your continued amusement.

This one is even more full-on than the last! If you are interested in having a listen its at:

and the track is called 'Bone Cruncher'

as always, any feedback or criticism is welcome, and analytically received. Feedback from my previous track is already being put into action, and thanks to the good advice received, my sound is getting fatter all the time! The results, will hopefully be finished by the end of the week, IF i can drag myself away from this forum.

:wow: ive only listened to this on a shitty pair of speakers so i cant comment on the production, but that intro was outstanding. the notes you used on that pad sound that comes in around 50 seconds...FUCK!...well done sir.
Firstly - thankyou :Grin:

I've just got this horrible feeling that the production is gonna dissapoint you though! This is an old track of mine, before i got any reviews on anything! (So about 3 months old then. :Wink3: )

Current productions are well and truely underway - and well noted advice is being put into action. I am now happier than i have ever been with my sound! But the above track is an 'ideas' track.

I am in the process of downloading one of your tracks double helix, and will give you a review in the relevant topic.

Again, thankyou for taking the time! :Smile3:
Oi...! :Smile3:

Had a listen, mate and first of all I like the intro as I'm a sucker for long (building) intros. I also like the non-cheesy melodies you got going.

The kick sounds a bit 'thin' and a bit quiet; I miss the fat thud a kick's supposed to have... :Wink3:
Your bassline is also too quiet IMO, and the melodies/lead synths tend to hide it some. All in all, I'd say your track lacks some bottom end.

A far more enjoyable listen than your typical thirteen-a-dozen been-there-done-that full-on track. :Smile3:
Hello shroomy - thanks for the review! :Grin:


yes, you are right... the production is really not up to scratch on this track... *promise* i am getting better all the time. And my WIP tracks display a bit more intelligence!


Thankyou for the criticism, which as always is duly noted and being integrated into my psychedelic masterplan! :Wink3:

however, it is all getting abit:


if you know what i mean :Smile3:
It was cool! :Smile3:

Yea what shroomy said

Also i reckon that that if you put an eq over the whole track and take it down on the 1k region a tad so it would sound easier. I think that what might help the bass line if you make it louder and knock out more of the low end on the main lead just a little. I reckon if you want to keep the same sort of sound with kick you can. Just knock out all the low end and stick an obese kick underneath it with no high end it should keep some of the original character.

I liked it a lot :Smile3:
thanks splat -

Agreed wholeheartedly to comments - to much middle, not enough bass. Or rather bass presence which is not the same thing at all

:wacko: :wacko: :wacko:

I have tried the two seperate kiks approach before, and always seem to end up with a muddy mess!

Kicks just don't work for me. Whatever I do, I just can't synthesis the right sound. This is turn prevents me from continuing with a track, as I am constantly bitching at myself for coming up with such a flacid kik....


any ideas anyone?
Its not as hard as you think its all down to the eq ing all you need to do is find two kicks one with the low end that you like then one with the click that you like.

SO lets say that you want to keep the click of the original then wipe out all the low end with a parametric eq so all you hear is the click

Then get another kick wipe out the click till only the low end is audible then play them both at the same time.

This should work as long as you take out all the unnecessary and interfering frequencies just fiddle with the parametrics you get it pretty quickly. I believe any more than 2 kicks together is gonna cause trouble. You'll pick it up a lot quicker than you think, then happy kickin' :drinking:
Lo d00d, you just need to turn the kick an the bass up. Listened to it on Alesis M1s and they sounded nice, just too quiet.......very goa ish, very full power, nice acid squelches, intro reminds me someone of dropping acid in church heh :Smile3:
cheers guys!

I am following the advice given, and have come up with an uberkick!

getting the kick right makes the mix much easier to deal with.

really - thanks for the advice - its made a big difference!

but the kick will have to go in another track now - i just can't listen to this one anymore!