Androcell - Efflorescence (Celestial Dragon)


Artist: Androcell
Album: Efflorescence
Label: Celestial Dragon
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1. Process of Unfolding
2. Neurosomatic Circuit
3. Atmos-Spheres
4. Spectral Processor
5. Aes Dana – Natti Natti (Androcell Remix)
5. Efflorescence
6. Gnome Dosed
7. Dub Crickets

What's This About

Efflorescence is the act of gradually unfolding to reach the peak of development. Tyler Smith graphic design director for Saiko Sounds is also behind most of the covers for Sonic Dragon, as the moniker of Quasga. After a two year gap from the debut album Emotivision, Mr. Smith makes a return to his musical inclinations charged with new proposals & an undeniable growth as an artist in both fields. Like is tradition now, the smoker-friendly beats and psychedelic artwork splash the release with eight stories designed with sight and sound in mind.

Per-Song Break Down

1. Process of Unfolding *

"We experience the feeling that this body right here and now, is only a cross section of a process that has been going on for 4 billion years on this section of space… It is not a story of processes out of control, it’s a story which gives unto every part of the unfolding experience." the unfolding is translated in sonic terms as a tingling, gliding effect that gently erupts and boils as if photosynthesis itself actually made a sound. The voice that accompanies the journey turns into jabbing noises liquefied by the green fluid itself, enveloping the xylophonic beats as the lake bubbles... in this section of space.

2. Neurosomatic Circuit *

The circuit is strangely soulful number, slowing the pace down and exploring dubby material which is strangely native and glitchy-synthetic all at once. Mixing influences and genders with ease, it begs the question of whether a clear artistic identity has formed beyond adapting all these influences, to throw them in a mix that sounds pleasing. Well, who cares… digital habibi, with dub undertones, binary crickets and a Smoker’s Delight aura does the trick for me. *

3. Atmos-Spheres *

“You truly belong with us here among the clouds…†Atmos-Spheres remains atmospheric (duh), with a Hindu-type of whistle performed by Agalactica (Philip Khripkov), accompanied by a trip hop-ish beat that is ever so slender and pointy. Once again the digital distortion comes into play as a rhythmic topping, over the gently breezing melodies and the feeling we are listening to a lounge tune that has been spiked with a pinch of heaven.

4. Spectral Processor *

The first minute of ambient delight with paddy lines unfurling amidst modern-day Global Communication intonations (think Pentamerous Metamorphosis), reflects a successful adaptation to beat-oriented older IDM material, back when it made sense and it was truly floating-away music. Really touching without deflecting into the Hindu vibes, with a sense of magnificence and universality that screams for an ambient remix by Carbon Based Life Forms.

5. Aes Dana - Natti Natti (Androcell Remix) *

Taking on the mammoth of Natti Natti by Aes Dana, originally presented in the Season 5 album -and what farken amazing CD it was- Androcell twists around the original version successfully with his own ideas, vocals and effects. I might go as far as calling it better than the original. Aes Dana is great but the general pace of their tunes is too slow and once we hit the sweet spot, it never changes. The remix sweetens the deal with more interaction and dynamism in the different elements that unfurl and recoil back, keeping the interest alive.

6. Efflorescence

Besides having the best daft punk vocodic homage I have heard in a while -considering I was never an ‘Around the World’ fan- I’m not to keen on them, but that’s just me. The breaks that could well be mixed with slower house tunes, work very effectively with the arpeggiated melodies and the flute is just as tasty.

7. Gnome Dosed

If the thought of dub with a Caribbean slice had gone amiss for your taste, the Gnome Dosed spells redemption with all those great delays and warm rhythms, without saddling along aimlessly. I really enjoy the detuned harp-type of line fitting into place with the other elements; but within the genre I just feel like this theme has been repeated one too many times. Anyway, I agree with the gnome, it is very ppssyyycchhhedeliwwic…

8. Dub Crickets *

Welcome to the island: Tis’ twilight and the full moon overlooking a turquoise blue ocean shore, with waves gently breaking by a reef covered in golden sand. A female chants as effects scratch and jump back amongst the kicks entwined deliciously in sweet piano lines. From the corner of your eye you notice the Rasta-mon looking at you funny… wondering, perhaps… if you’ve had too much, but not nearly enough…

All and All

Having a superficial knowledge of Androcell’s album it hit me, perhaps this could be a decent electronic dub fusion that sadly we don’t see much in these musical confines of chill out, with the exception of Capsula perhaps. Efflorescence proved to be so much more, unfolding the myriad creases of detail that hide from superficial skip-through sessions. This album is made to be played again and again until the glossy booklet is worn out, in the joyous discovery of the secrets that lay ahead.

Where to Buy

Saiko Sounds

I totally agree with you here.......

I went on a mission at the weekend to hunt this cd out.

Found it in Londons', Oxford Street [HMV] after looking everywhere around my usual haunts in Camden.....and was i so happy :ismile:

It's a must!

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Stay cool.....


Senior Member (discounted rates)
yes i agree too... most deffinately a must!! :iwink:

tis a lovely album by androcell :Smile3:

Excellent album, lovely artwork, a little bit ploddy in the middle, and some of the
sounds are a little hit and miss. Not the world's greatest Aes Dana fan, so that
might have some influence, too much floaty arms stuff for my taste.
Loved the samples, but wonder whether they bothered to ask RAW for
permission to use them!!! Can hardly complain about file-sharing when they
rip the samples in the first place (not to mention the software).
Robert Anton Wilson, who is responsible from a fascinating DVD called
MaybeLogic (and about 40yrs of counter culture psychedelic cult status),
you know the one...
"this section of space..... this section of space"... Track one.


aww, well... mate this is pie trance, you honestly think they clear out permissions to use the gazillion and one samples everyone uses?


Well I think this is an exceptional album; including the Aes Dana rmx. I wasn't too sure how this would work out as Tyler's style is quite different from Aes Dana - but I like the result. This is a more heady trip than the slightly more dubby sounds of 'Emotivision' - even more psychedelic, if that was ever possible, but I reckon this sure is one of the most lovely trippy spaced out albums available at the moment. The attention to detail with all those lovely dripping sounds is top-notch, you can tell Tyler has spent many hours infront of his PC screen. It's worth buying for track 7 alone - I knew this was going to be my favourite track straight from the samples!