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what in tintern abbey are you talking about?
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Celestial Dragon (Japan/Australia)

This week’s chillfest continues with this neat little album from Androcell, that almost stands up as a multimedia artistic piece just as well as it does an album. Packaged along with a nice little booklet showcasing some nice digital art from Androcell’s alter-ego Quasga (including Blue Shroom Cowgirl, which finally combines the three essential life elements of chicks, bikes and psychedelics), it adds up to a nice overall package. Androcell works best when he falls into dubby soundscapes (Molecular Sunrise, Hash Bazaar), and the marvellous Dub Crystals sounds like The Orb got stuck in a hotboxed elevator with Ott and came out giggling like Cheech & Chong, before retiring to the studio to lay down some tunes while Youth and King Tubby made the tea and cucumber sandwiches, respectively. Occasionally odd-sounding chord changes sometimes make the music sound a little disjointed, but it doesn’t detract from the fluid, silky chillout that Androcell’s made his own on this CD. With a nod to ethno treehugging amberdelica, but keeping one foot firmly in bass-heavy dub workouts, this is a nice little package which, by the time it peaks with Fungus Garden, will have you grinning from ear to ear.

tis pure class imo first track says it all i like every tune on it but faves are

purple aura
fungus garden
Nice review.....mmmmm i've got to pick this up. i've heard the samples but wasn't able to find it in London. Yeah, i know i'm going backwards having just got "Efflorescence" the Androcell sound.

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