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"Soul Journey"
Review: Shakti : Bpm Mag

Soul Journey is an exciting introduction to Ankha’s deeper psychedelic sounds.
Six masterfully mixes take the listener on a true journey through a vast and colourful landscape of psychedelic and progressive trance. Each track is powerful and deep, riding strong, clean kicks and rumbling basslines.

Each track seems to tell a story in itself, of a time and place far away, but close enough to home to feel it deeply in your gut. Tracks “Transgressor†and “Afrika Dawn†are dancefloor killers - I mean that in the best sense of the word - THEY ROCK and others like “DeepSpeak†and “Padiwan†are more downtempo but the depth of the music and journey gets you into trance immediately- perfect for a startup into a deep night of trance.

The best part of it all is the mix - once again, Ankha proves that she is one of SA’s top electronic artists with this album. Every sound and frequency is so clean and crisp, it’s pure listening pleasure. I give this one 9/10.

My PC Doesn't Dream
Reviewed: DJ Shakti BPM Magazine.

This is pure, unadulterated, psychedelic trance composed and mixed by a genius. Ankha's second psy trance release is the next step into her signature sound of hard trance and is very impressive indeed. A more mature sound emerges and with a masterful mix of potent grooves, riding thumping beats and raging rhythms racing and weaving throughout. And then the Mix.... it's all in the mix.
Her mixing is so clean, each sound crafted with absolute mastery.
The album is brilliant a real stomper and again brings South African talent to the fore. Ankha shows herself as one of this country's most talented musicians here. Listen and you will see.

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