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Brisvegas, baby!
Hey, my name's Alan, for the hard of thinking,

I live in Brighton, and have done so for the past couple of years, coinkidinkelly the same time I've been into Psy, having not been exposed to it at home it was an epiphany to be introduced to it. I spent the first year since my conversion in the Brighton scene, but have been trying to branch out (read escape) since then. Been to a few parties across the country this summer, would have liked to got to more, but suffered from a distinct lack of cash. Went o Fullmoon Festival this year (Boom!), which was fucking amazing: 10,000 lovely hippies, an 'interesting' mix of weather, a massive rig which was supremely well engineered, the cream of the crop of acts, and a lot of good cheap fun in general. Seriously, it was probably the best six days of my life. I just can't wait for our planned tour of festivals next summer (I'm still bitter about missing voov). I'm intending to bring in Christmas/New Year proper stylee at Desert Trance (presuming it's still on), which will probably be my next international event.

A (condensed) bit about myself: I'm studying Philosophy at Sussex Uni (retaking 2nd year due to too much fun-Doh!); I have a keen interest in psychedelcs, but am trying to keep of the K; love Para Halu who blew my socks of at Fullmoon, or maybe it was the 'cid; and like fun and people. I think that'll do.

Well, keep safe people,
Alan x x
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Welcome aboard mate, Para Halu rock btw :Smile3: