Another First..


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Hello All, this is my first track but its not really finished, i got to about 5.30 minutes and got stumped.

I'm struggling with my arrangement and am just about managing to get some decent sounds.

Some feedback Please?



Jibbering Wreck
Just had a listen...I think you got some pretty nice sounds there, and a reasonably good bass line going... certainly not bad for a first track! You could maybe try and find a few more interesting sounds to sit on top of the main sounds to keep things interesting, and maybe try varying the rythm of the lead line a bit? You definetly need to work on your mix, that is balancing the various sounds with each other, and making more space for other sounds. Compression (which can work wonders for your kick and bass), reverb (can really help make that space for other sounds) and understanding about frequency clashes (which EQ can help with), are the most important things to consider here. I am very far from an expert, and am just begining to grasp the complexities of all this, but you seem to have an ear for a good sound, so keep trying!!


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Hello All,

I've made some changes to this track and i think its slightly better.

Can someone Please give me some feedback?

Thank You!!