Another mix for you - Examination


Acid Will Never Die
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i forgot i had this account created... i'm duodenum from the Infected mix post.

anyway, here's the last demo i did. entirely mixed with Traktor (no auto-matching, hence the loose bits) and an external (read: REAL) mixer. the only post-production i did was a couple edits to get the running time down. i don't rehearse mixes ahead of time, so take that for what it's worth. i tried to include the spectrum of psy that i play, and it ranges from prog to dark stuff.


The Psychologist - Examination

Silicon Sound - The Jaguar
Logic Bomb - Datalinks rmx
Cosma - Nonstop
Zen Mechanics - Thriving On Trancefloors
Kooler - Awake
Ticon - There Is No Plan
Orion - Reaktivated
Tikal - Mr. Pink
Infected Mushroom - Crazy D
Prometheus - Samothraki
Sesto Sento - Mean Tacco Machine
Koxbox - 911
Rinkadink - Syntax & Whiskey rmx
Wizzy Noise - Hentai
1200 Mics - Mescaline (Live On Mt. Fuji mix)
Psysex - Altered States (Coco Loco mix)
Eskimo - Can You Pick Me Up?
Cydonia - Lightning Rods
Infernal Machine - Nocturnal Chainsaw Kerfuffle

this isn't another vanilla mix IMO. it'll brighten up your day at work, or even your drive to the dentist.