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Pound Shop Alex Petridis

Music For Cigar Aficionados vol 1

that awful tracklist in full:

1) Intro
2) X-Dream vs Beats International – The 1st vs Dub Be Good To (Synth Bastard Alright mix)
3) The Bob & Tom Band – Camel Toe
4) De La Soul vs The Italian Job – The Magic Self-Preservation Society
5) Ott vs The Wurzels – I’ve Got A Brand New Gamma Goblins (Synth Bastard At The CiderCafe Mix)
6) Gaudi – Track Two (Cant Find The Inlay)
7) Dick Dale – Lets Go Trippin’ (Synth Bastard Hats Off To Peel Didiprinter Mix)
8) Psyburbia – Jesus As A Mushroom
9) The Chantels – Look In My Eyes
10) The Coasters – Poison Ivy
11) Lightnin’ Hopkins – Evil-Hearted Woman
12) The Just Brothers – Sliced Tomatoes
13) Tenfold Loadstar – Crashed My Fastest Car
14) Jonatha Brooke – God Only Knows
15) Rhett Miller – Wave Of Mutilation (Pixies Cover)
16) X Dream vs Daft Punk – We Interface Stronger (Synth Bastard Sit On My Interface mix)
17) Joy Division - Atmosphere
18) Candy Flip – Strawberry Fields Forever
19) Fresh 4 feat Liz E – Wishin On A Star
20) Carly Simon – Why
21) Boney Nem – We Are The World



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Mate! It was phat!¬

I don't suppose I could 'ave those Xdream edits, I was under the impression they're new electroinspired stuff was codpieces but no it's absloutly fuckign fantastic and the vocals you fitted on are cool let's ave em I loved it!