Another one form PsYsHaKeR!!! gET thIs Twisted and unreal.&g

very nice production, absolutely rockin tune! I did think the low driving synth (even 16ths in the bar) was a little to full-on in the mix, at least in my speakers. but how it sounds when played out on a club PA I couldn't say, could be just what's needed.


Sax James.
Fuuuuk... don't go near this tune if you've smoked much - my head's still spinning :blink: NOW that's what I call psychedelic!

Love the use of samples, and the production throughout is crystal - what's your secret mate? Is that quality soundcard - or serious attention to detail on the mastering? (could be both I s'pose)...

I agree with Mr Sax about the 'full-on' 16ths synth, it cuts through a bit too well... perhaps a bit of filtering on that?

Very enjoyable stuff :Grin: