Another track: Pipa & Guchin


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...behind the decks...
I have uploaded this track Sharon is talking about.
Now you can form your own opinion.
Here is the link: Pipa & Guchin
Let me know, what do you think.

sunny greetz,
Right, I've had a listen :Smile3:

Firstly, that is a nice kick and bass! They work great together as well, which is perhaps just as important as well. Rythmically, this track is good. You have some good progressions, and it has an almost swing to it. Very nice sounds again.

Nice to hear something a bit more organic!

I reckon you might want to cut a bit of the mid EQ out of the twanger, as it isn't quite sitting in the mix. More variation would be good too, although, I'm enjoying it as it is :Smile3:
Thnx for waisting your time :Smile3:
This track will be mastered in a professional studio by an professional audio engineer I know. When it's updated it'll posted here.
Maybe then you'll waisting your time again...
Thnx again for the response.
Listen I'd love to listen to yer tunes-but what's with the soundclick?
I don't want to register wiv some little co.-and does one have to pay? Is there another way to get the mp3's ? In short I dislike becoming a member of unknown groups.

Soundclick is no problem. You don't have to pay for anything. You can sign up as a listener or a band. For bands there are several services available, some for free, some for a little fee. No Spam. Only ad-banners on the band websites.

I guess, it's safe, but who knows...