any recommendations for learning about record publishing contracts?


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hi all,

i'm completely new to the 'industry' part of the 'music industry'. it looks like i have been lucky enough to get signed to a label - the culmination of so many dreams - and i'm mega-excited about it... much so that like any jaded superstitious atheist i don't really want to talk about it until it's on the shelves because i'm terrified it won't happen!!!!!

but basically i am looking for any recommended websites, books, forums or magazines that deal with contract issues. i'm a total n00bulator, but i know how important it is to get this stuff right. what's on offer is a publishing contract rather than a recording contract (this simplifies things, apparently)...

does anyone have any recommendations as to where i can look to learn about these things? or any 'never do this, and always do that!' advice?

many thanks :Smile3: