Any welsh psy-cyber girls or boys??


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Hey, i'm new to the whole forum concept really (bit of a techno phobe) but have been driven out by a need to find like-minded people! I'm currently living in cardiff so if there's anyone else on the forum from south wales let me know. Does anyone know if there are any free parties going on in the brecon beacons etc??
hello there, am welsh but currently at uni in hertfordshire. will be back soon for christmas though, live about 30 mins drive from cardiff.. mashup may be in order :Wink3:
Pazzo said:
Hey, Im from wales, abergavenny Ive been told that in a few weeks cardiif is going to have the odd psy-night...........Paz :Grin:

my godmother lives in talybont!!!!!

its so beautiful out there, when im not at home, i'm there.....
Ola :Grin: From Aberdare (same as Opia) Dunno of any parties round ere soonish, but wud be cool to meet up.

Pazzo....I go to school in Monmouth so got a few mates who live in Aber...let us know when ur out and about :Smile3:

:goodthre: (we need more South Wales psy pple :P )
hiya acidicjenny!
welcome to the forum :Grin:
im welsh too :? from swansea way...
last time i was home mutant dance sound system were doing some parties all over south wales, don't know if they still are mind...but there were a few in an old quarry in the beacons which were wicked! one to keep an eye out for..also maybe there'll be another magikana this year (outdoor so will be summertime), last one was near nant-y-moch in ceredigion, it'll be posted on here if its happening!
and my mate ed is trying to get a psy night going in cardiff at the moment, will get in touch with him an pm ya with the info!
have fun! :shrooms:

Yeah mutant dance was out and about coz my mate takes his rig when they are about and tribe of locust, I think ? the quarry you are on about is trefil they had a party about 6months ago. Taly-bont is lush...
Hey did your mate ed his second name trance by any chance live in aber and now moved by the sea and puts nights in aberystwyth ? :Smile3: