Anyone else with 5.1s


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I'm not sure if i've just never noticed it before now, but there's an irritating soft humming from the sub which increases in volume as i turn the bass controll up (even with no music playing). Could this be a result of playing tunes with too much bass on, or has my hearing suddenly become much more sensitive?

(apologies if this is an irritatingly idiotic question) *hides* :unsure:
What motherboard have you m'old mucka?

i had/still have actually :P a similiar problem....turned out to be on-board sound thang :Wink3:

my board is - Abit ns7 i think the second version solved the problem (due to a cable/earth bug i think :? )
i only seemed to have a problem whilist gaming and using 'teamspeak', never noticed it on anthing else bass is fine :smoke: