anyone seen me Shake'n'Vac?


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'lo, pretty new here,housewife and mum by trade,tho Nigella needn't sweat as I'm more Domestic Godless than Goddess.Always loved music,many genres but spent many years doing homely things then,Crikey! there be summat in dis 'Life beginning at 40' stuff after all. Discovered Bristol primarily and that a good night isn't a particularly gripping episode of Casualty but the amount of sweat 'n' smiles generated.
Don't think I'm too crap as a mum as a coupla years ago my son(now 8) decided that he didn't want to be a policeman anymore but a hippy instead.Mind you the police preventing the Tribe of Frog party that he'd looked forward to coming to was the biggest factor.
So Big Up the next generation . This is for you,Josh! :Grin: :bananada: :Grin: :bananada: :Grin: :bananada: :Grin: :bananada:
And a steadying hand and a nice cup of tea to the wrecked generation when we've overdone it a bit. :Wink3:


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Hi Carol & :welcome: to the forum - you're gonna fit right in :Wink3: :hehe: :party2:


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Welcome to the forum Carol... :drinking:


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hello gal ....

welcome to the madness