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Aphid Moon

Jules Hamer has been heavily immersed in the Psy-trance scene since 1994 when he started a trance night named “Aphid Moonâ€. After a successful run of 12 parties he set his energies to Djing and Producing. With a few releases in ‘95 and ‘97 he started to develop his own unique style. Since the turn of the millennium he has had releases on virtually all the British trance labels: Tipworld, Atomic, Flying Rhino, Alchemy, Transient, Dragonfly, Koyote, as well as french newcomers Turbo-trance, hot Anglo/South African label Nano records and Japanese giants Solstice World records. Last year saw the release of his first solo album “High Diver†on Dragonfly records and regular live gigs in Brazil, Europe, South Africa, Japan and the UK (with Liquid Connective and Fussion). More recently he’s been in the studio working on various killer collaborative projects with top british and south african Dj’s & producers including Tristan (Twisted), Lucas (T.I.P. world), Ans (Nano), Hydrophonics , Nate (Protoculture), Stella Nutella, Dick Trevor (Green Oms/ Jumanji), Jez (Laughing Buddha), Chris Organic (Organic Records) and Stu (DCi). Presently he is workinhg on a new solo album due out later this year.

Jules is great, seen him a few times :Wink3: Reprezent mate :punk: :punk:
Met Jules last weekend at Organic and Fushion night, top bloke, wikid set, wikid stuff on the New Generation Cd with Organik and didnt really seem mind me being all :? :shrooms: :? when I tried to speak, must be sound!

Moodle x