Are charities donating your donations to the Labour party?

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As I was waking up this morning there was a thing on telly about banning circus animals. The bloke from the circus was saying it was all a crock and that animal welfare charities had made huge donations to the labour party which was the only reason he was being "victimised".

Regardless of your views on animals in circuses is this right? Are charities making big ( > £1 million) donations to the Labour party? Can't find anything on google apart from the Political Animal Lobby that gave Labour £1.5mill prior to the foxhunting ban.

It bothers me that if I donate money to charity that a percentage of it could be used to fund any political party, let alone that gang of shits.

Does it happen?


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I don't know if this is happening, or if it is, which charities would make such a hefty donation as to buy a change in the law. I can see that some might think that doing so would be a more effective way of achieving the results they want than to campaign to influence the public into not going to see circuses which use animals. Myself, I don't feel that that's the way to do things, of course - after all, it's the police who have to enforce the law, not the Labour Party.

I recall Bernie Ecclestone gave them £1m, and F1 was exempted from tobacco advertising restrictions - and they handed the money back to him!

Is there an online register of Party donors? I'll have a hunt.


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Yep, it goes on, apparently.


Political Animal Lobby
From SourceWatch

In 1990, the International Fund for Animal Welfare, set up a wholly owned subsidiary, the Political Animal Lobby (PAL) through which it donated to political parties. In 1991, it gave £50,000 to the Labour Party, with smaller donations to the Conservatives (£33,304) and the Liberal Democrats (£20,000). These donations were made discreetly and went unnoticed at first.

A front page story in the Observer on 1st September 1997 provided a grim warning. IFAW had donated £1 million to the Labour Party. There was no official announcement; the the Observer journalist had learnt of the donation while investigating party funding in a general nature. IFAW insisted the Political Animal Lobby had donated the money, but it was later revealed that PAL had needed a £600,000 'loan' from IFAW. (from [1] ( - a pro-hunting site)

Records published yesterday showed that Labour accepted two donations from the Political Animal Lobby, a secretive animal welfare organisation which was formerly linked to the International Fund for Animal Welfare (Ifaw).

The Political Animal Lobby, (PAL) is headed by the veteran animal welfare activist Brian Davies, who is now based in the United States. Mr Davies founded Ifaw - which is now an entirely separate organisation - and successfully campaigned to draw to the public's attention the plight of seal pups clubbed to death in culls in North America. In Britain, PAL is run by Angela Beveridge, sister of the Labour MP Tony Banks, an outspoken critic of hunting. (from [2] ( another hunting site)

Search engines do not give results as to the web site of PAL or Political Animal Lobby. However, a web site is in place by PAL for the dog trade in the Philippines. The site's URL sweepingly describes almost the entire northern Luzon as dog traders and dog eaters. As to how the group came up with their data is not explained. The website also describes the Philippine government as not doing anything about the problem. But Mel Alipio representative of PAL in the Philippines, in separate interview seem not to be aware of the contents of their website. from [3] (

In 1997, our Chief Executive Officer, Mr Brian Davies, decided to leave IFAW to set up an alternative animal welfare organisation called the Political Animal Lobby (PAL). As a consequence Mr Fred O'Regan became the IFAW Chief Executive Officer.

In 1997 PAL made a donation of £1 million to the Labour Party, as well as to other political parties, and unfortunately this was reported in the Press as being a donation from IFAW. (from [4] (

According to the Register of Labour Party donors (Link), PAL gave £30,000 and £17,000+ in 2001. More digging needed on them.

Meantime, the BBC just mention the RSPCA, who it would seem don't give anything to Labour. Link to recent story.

Edit: More here on PAL donations in '96-7: Link



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well thats really very interesting, cheers for the links phil... i've always been abit causious of charities... alot of them seem to have other motives and bits going on behind the scenes.

i think just be careful who you give money too, is the best advice really!