Hi everyone, I use the arps from my Virus but i find it a bit limited in terms of patterns, I was wandering if there is any arpegiator that does just that in the market, hardware or virtual, although I would prefer the earlier. Usually they are a built in tool in most synths for what I see.

Any suggestion greatly apreciated :Grin:

Thanx mates, I had a look at those links. Unfortunatly I forgot to say I am on Mac and they seem to be PC only apps :no: correct me if I'm wrong.

On the other hand I am considering this days to buy a PC and use both platforms, I will def need those PC links very soon thanx a lot again.

Speackafreaka I am so glad to hear from you :drinking: :peace:

The best arps I ever saw has the Audity2000, a fine and underestimated piece of hardware made by E-mu. There are incredible long arps and with Sounddiver (also available for mac) you can edit the arps and change them completely using your monitor screen with a graphical user interface instead of those little shitty display of the synth itself. You can use these arps by sending them as midi to your soundcard. Record them and use it in any other synth by playing the midi file.
Hope this helps,
PS: Try to use Sounddiver with your Virus. Maybe with this magic proggy you are diving deeper into your synth than you would expect.
Thnx Tom nice piece of advice :Wink3:

I had the Proteus2000 some time ago. Great sounds! I will check the Audity and report back to you.

I have the sounddiver in my mac, I use it mainly to load sounds on the virus or save new sounds into the mac. You are right it is a deeper dive, I should use it more to manipulate sounds, thing is I am a knob man, hands on oldy as i mainly am a keyboard player since tender age :hehe:

Speakafreaka- I tryed the link, that MAP1 looks very promising. I never heard of it b4 do you know if it's dificult to find? Cheers

i have an emu xk-6, and while i'm not specifically familiar with the audity, i'm going to stick my nexk out anyway-

all emu modules are the same shit - ie, essentially, a proteus in a different-coloured and different-shaped plastic case with a different ROM board. So mine happens to be yellow keyboard shaped case with an Xtreme Lead ROM (and also a Phatt ROM come to that) but its the proteus engine really.

Gotta agree the arpeggiators are sick - main reason I bought it really (nb: a decision i would now categorise as "bad"). If you can hook the emu arps up to any other synth you're in business.

Sadly though I couldnt actually persuade to send the arp patterns as midi output. I've also never been able to get Sounddiver to work with anything (emu or korg ms2k). If Tom (or anyone) has any advice that'd be cool, cos to be honest the emu is just sat there mocking me: "hello, you've got barely any use out of me, even though I cost 700 quid and right now you would sell your grandmother for 7 quid, hahaha". Getting sounddiver working or using the arps to drive other stuff would definitely expand its use for me greatly.

If you want to buy it in a store good luck! The don't have very good distribution, but there are contacts on this page, as well as audio demos. I've never used it, just aware of its existence. I'm not saying buy it - just showing you what is out there.
why can't you get sounddiver to work? I had ms2k few years ago and it worked fine with it. tell me what error msg it gives you or what the prob is maybe i can help :Smile3:
well, it was just that it didnt have an ms2000 in the list of known hardware to add with a click, and neither could it find it when i told it to scan.

i think the *cough* version i had may have been old and pre-dated the ms2k or something.
so it was just an old version then. if its not in the list then it can't detect the ms2k either. i just checked and my version is 3.0 and ms2k is in there so that's what you need :Smile3:
Soliptic- Agree with you that most Emus are just a Proteus in diferent colours. I bought it mainly because of its poliphony capacity and I was planing to expand it with rom cards like Mo-Phat and others as it has 3 or 4 slots I think.. Other reason to buy it was that it sounds just great with about any sound on board. Filters not the best tho. I sold it to try buy a pure synth like the Virus as I needed less traditional sounds.

Speakafreaka- infact I thought it wasn't easy to find, I'd really like to test it and see if I liked it. I fancy the idea of having a machine or software that would just do the arps and possibly use it to master any sinth via midi to have maximun flexibility with the strings of melodies within the arpeggio, the MAP1 seems best option at mo'.

From what you lot are saying Im understanding that the sound diver can be used with diferent synths other than the virus, while I always thought it was designed just for it. Think I am missing something :? and I'd love to have an MS2000 :wub:

Thanx for the list dogcow, very usefull.
I am on Cubase SX, I do not use the arp on it, maybe I'm being silly but I do not like it much. I tryed to use it once but it wasn't appealling, I will try again and see if it's any good. The one I use at the mo is the Virus' internal one. It's ok but I do not like the idea of using the preset patterns, yeah you can kind of do your own variations but still using patern 1,2,3, 30 and so on in combination with diferent syncs. Point is I am a keyboard player and like to build my own melodies and arpeggios with my hands, having more flexibility on the single notes positioning it's much interesting than say use the up/down/random options only. Probably a mix of both ways would be nicer. Again perhaps I am being silly on this as I usually write songs in a more traditional way and only recently I am adopting a less "manual" sort of writing, therefore I am not really familiar with it.

Thanx for feedback :smoke: