Record Label Arrábida Records says Hi!


Psytrance Label from Rio
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Rio de Janeiro
We are just in the Forum! First, thanks for being so receptive and for this great piece of tech (the forum that is)

Arrábida Records says hi to all and presents his 3 year discography for anyone who cares to listen:

We are from Rio de Janeiro Brazil. In fact, the ONLY working psytrance label here. Brazil has many wonderfull labels, but none in Rio....can you believe that??

For some 3 years now releases are coming from us, you can find it in all platforms, some are bandcamp exclusive. Genres from Morning to Psycore, we got it ALL.
But we do have preferencies.....We like bold stuff and UNboring capabilities.

The best way to figure us out is listen!

Good day to you all

Leandro Arrábida a.k.a Amonati, founder/owner of Arrábida Records